How do you change your life?

By January 12, 2009 Blog

1079357_funny_shadowsHow do you change your life? How do you make magic happen every day?

How to you live from inner peace and happiness and enjoy the things you have and the ones that are in the process of coming to you? How do you stay in the space of power when negative people all around you are telling you you can’t do it, and what  you believe is wrong?

Do you have these questions inside of you? I find almost everyone does, and especially my coaching clients and tele-class participants. We all want inner peace, calm and clarity of mind. We all want to be happy, in love and fully able to enjoy the people and experiences in life. We all want to feel worthy, successful and valuable. We all want to feel love, loving and lovable. We all want enough money to do the things we enjoy and to help the people we love and to charity’s we believe do good. We all want to wake up each day with energy, joy and excitement for what new and wonderful  surprises are waiting for us. We all want peace, we all want wealth, health, and most of all love.

So, it’s a new year, it’s a new energy, what are you seeing for yourself this year? Do you have a theme, a vision, a plan or a desire for this year? What do you feel is lining up for you? Are you putting your mind, body and heart intentionally onto a path to what you desire? Are you stepping into your Mastership?

OK, lots of question, I know. I want to activate within you these questions, these desires, because I want to help you make this the most Extraordinary and delicious year ever. You are the only won who knows what it would take to make this your extraordinary year, what would feel delicious and wonderful to experience this year. I want to know what you want to know that you feel will help you. What will make this year tingle, thrill and transform?

I am in the process of putting up a new site, where you can ask me anything about creating your reality now, and I will answer, free! It is If you go there now you can submit a question and get on the list for the free call on January 27th. The full site will be up in a day or 2.

Here are some of the exciting things I am doing for YOU this year. My intent this year is to be, feel and experience EXTRAORDINARY things and that includes giving you the most quality, content and inspiration I can to create the life you know you deserve. Here are some of the things on the calender now, and so much more to come,  be sure to be on my newsletter list and stay tuned!

1. Money Muse: the free monthly tele-clinic “Ask Your Money Muse” is tomorrow, submit your question and join the call here Ask Your Money Muse

2. The Meet Your Money Muse program is stunning and coming up in February, stay tuned here:

3. Intend Global Healing: Join the free weekly healing circle each Thursday, and add your intention to heal yourself, your loved ones and the world!

4. Top Shelf Coaching: really ready to get results? Transform your inner world and find the real you? Change your relationship with money, love, health and yourself..I will guide you!

5. Designing YOU: In March I will introduce you to a new course that starts inside and clears out the past, the clutter and the blockages, and we begin to design the YOU your potential is ripe for. Design a life of love, joy, welath and luxury, health adventure…whatever pleases your heart and makes your soul sing. Stay tuned on my newsletter to be sure you hear all about it.

And much more, like daily blogs and interviews with fascinating people, free info and great resources. Make sure you tell me what you want to know, change and how I can help!