Step 1 in what to do in the next 26 days for more money

By March 27, 2011 June 25th, 2011 Blog

I feel the need to jump start your dreams and finances. I feel the need coming from all over the planet.  A yearning, a deep Soul level desire, asking for more. This is the next level of Spiritual and Financial evolution.

A Divine download (that is what I call it when I get an inspired idea from Source and feel pushed all the time to do something with it 🙂 keeps knocking at my heart…. what do we do to turn things around fast, absolutely manifest with certainty and grace, and open ourselves to receive and LIVE our Divine Destiny.

So… I am going to share with you the most distilled, straight forward, direct way I know to manifest. That is what we are, we are Divine Manifesting Vortex’s. This means you are designed and supported to be a creative entity. One who takes ideas blended from Source and from your own unique perspective and then intends them into being. You have the ability to gather the natural forces of the Universe with your focus and create and attract what lights you up.

So start here, and we will continue to investigate this together. I want you to be Rich! Rich in finances, rich in love, rich in fulfillment and meaning, rich in joy and laughter. Let’s turn on the “Rich Switch” together!

So during the week I am going to give you tips on what actually, really creates more…. and then I will give you a step by step plan 🙂 Today I am going to give you one thing to consider, and remember, really do it, the Universe honors commitment.

First thing to do to in the next 26 days for more money:

Start here: Ask yourself this and really be honest with yourself;

If you KNEW without a shadow of a doubt, that if you did the following things, you would attract ($10,000) <or fill in your amount>/month, would you commit to doing it every day for the next 26 days, and do whatever it took to keep yourself accountable?

(If you are not certain you would say “YES” and muster the focus and courage to really do it, then ask yourself this: “How would it feel to know you have $10,000 <or your amount> a month coming in? What impact would it have on your life? Write it down! Feel it, see it, believe it.)

Get yourself to really FEEL into what difference it would make and see if there is doubt and fear that comes up, or genuine excitement. We all get excited at some level about having money, sharing and giving and doing good with our money. You have to get underneath that… and see what you really believe is possible for you.

So if you do not trust yourself, that even with a Universal guarantee, you would stick to something for a mere 26 days…. look and see what is in the way.

Here are some common things that block our deserving, therefore our commitment to abundance:

  1. You do not believe, deep within, you deserve to have what you want. ( I was programmed with this belief as a child, most people are. Did you hear things like “You can’t have everything you want )or your cake and eat it to)”, or “don’t be selfish” or “other people are starving, you should be happy with what you have”
  2. You really do not believe there is enough, or you are enough. (This includes all those beliefs about ‘I’m not smart enough, rich enough, connected enough, strong enough, confident or outgoing enough and so on…)
  3. You do not know how to do it, or how it will happen, and therefore dismiss it as possible. (This includes all those “I need to know how”, or “I do not have the money, time etc… DO NOT LET ANYTHING STOP YOU!)
  4. You do not TRUST yourself, money or the Universe. (This is BIG, bigger than you can imagine. Most people have literally stopped trusting themselves, others and especially money and the Gid/the Universe to deliver on their desires.)

So play with this, journal on it, write donw the BLOCKS you can see from this question. Because we are going deeep, underneath all this to the Source of abundance!

See you in the next post, where we will explore a famous and yet PROFOUND truth, you HAVE TO install to succeed… and a cool video!

IT”S HERE! “Your Rich Switch: 26 days to more money”, it will knock your socks off!

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