A Blessing from Nan

By November 15, 2010 Blog

“I AM Enough” knowing and affirming this will transform your world! Here is a short blessing for you! I simply want to give you a Divine Blessing. Enjoy.
As you listen, please open to it fully, allow yourself to bein-love present in the moment, and accept deep within this is just for you, and you deserve it. Absorb it and own it.

You can also download it here if you like:
> I love you dearly!
> Nan
> PS Just a reminder the f/re/e Enlightened Wealthy Women
> telesummit continues this week with Diamond Alignment
> and Soul Mastery, very deep!
> Join us, will you?
> http://enlightenedwealthywomen.com/telesummit/index.html

All my Love, Nan

Music on the blessing by Omashar.com