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By November 19, 2010 Blog

Now the #1 Bestselling book is an Audio Coaching program, all for only $1 per week! ‘Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind’ weekly Audio Coaching is a one year, weekly audio program that supports and inspires you.

Each week you will receive an email with an audio coaching from me. These will include Magnetic Wealth Affirmations, excerpts from the book, new expanded insights and processes, Guided meditations and new secrets to Master your money mind and align with your flow of abundance.

I have known Nan for years and thoroughly enjoyed reading “Already Rich;
Secrets to Master Your Money Mind”. Nan’s heart and sincere desire to reveal
the true path to riches jumps off each page. Rich with affirmations, full of
profound insights and practical strategies, this book is a gem. I highly
recommend it!

Joe Vitale, author “Attract Money Now” and “Zero Limits”

If you do not have my book, please see an excerpt here, or get your copy here (Available on Kindle soon!)

Only $1 per week! I will support and inspire you! $52 blue-buy-button


You receive each week, via email an Audio Coaching.
You can listen to it right there, or you can download it
so you can listen anytime, as much as you like.
$52 for a full year of weekly audios! $1 a week to transform!

The first one is ready for you and includes:
  • How to use the book and get answers and best advice from your inner self
  • A guided meditation in the sea of abundance and wealth
  • Self image tips
  • Magnetic Wealth Affirmations
  • Daily step by step insight
  • much more….

** You do not have to have the book to do the audio coaching***

Things the audio coaching will include:

o self confidence and joyful wealth.

  • Secret Keys to Master Your Money Mind
  • Find your money blocks and clear them
  • Create a new, powerful relationship with money
  • The Manifestation Equation
  • Wealth Mindset tips: Install a Wealthy Mindset
  • Magnetic Processes: Manifest at greater speed
  • 200+ Magnetic Affirmations & how to use
  • Tap into the Field of Abundance:tune your Wealth Vibe
  • Heart Generator Process
  • Inspire Money to run to you

More feedback on the book:

Hi Nan! Just wanted to tell you that I finished reading your book for the third time, and I always get something new from it. I use so many of the magnetic processes and affirmations daily and I can feel so many of my limiting beliefs just lifting off of me. The Wealth Belief Transformer audios have also been amazing for me. I had no idea how many heavy, limiting beliefs I had been lugging around for most of my life! Wow! Thanks again so much for everything you do and for your passion, Cathy”

“Already Rich is a hypnotic, transformational experience in the disguise of a book. It transforms you on a cellular level as you read each page, which is sprinkled with powerful affirmations. I can literally feel the energy bursting from each paragraph and into my psyche.Great job, Nan!
Rhonda Ryder, Found of

“Right now I am devouring your book. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! There are no words to express my gratitude, but I know that as  I communicate it vibrationally; you are receiving it. big, big, love ” Ethel Jackson

“Nan Akasha’s book “Already Rich” is a step-by-step guidebook that will help you gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with money. Not
only will it give you all the tools you will need to live an Abundant life, it will also show you exactly how to unlock the gate to Financial Freedom”
Rosanna Ienco, Award-Winning Author of Awakening the Divine Soul – Finding Your Life Purpose.

“I really am enjoying your book and the audios that you provided me access to. You have a lovely voice, and it’s obvious from your work that you are sincerely committed to improving the vibration of this beloved planet. Keep up the great work. Best regards, Jeff”

For only $1 a week, I will be there!

Get your one year audio coaching now: $52.00 blue-buy-button1