Another 11/11 gift

By November 11, 2009 Blog
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I am realizing more and more how powerful networking is. We can meet people who turn into friends, clients, associates… resources and opportunities reveal themselves through these meetings! I wanted to share this, as an additional 11/11 gift, because no matter what you do, your life and income will increase in wealth and joy as you expand your network!
There are 2 ways to get more done.

1) Work more yourself

2) Leverage your network

Successful people have large networks.

Imagine the power of thousands of friends..each ready to do a favor when needed.

In the past, Networking was a lot of work,going to events, following up, building up a relationship of trust.

You want to be persistent but not “pushy” and you have to keep track of it all.


Liz Lynch has an EASY, fast and effective way to build your network.. online and offline.

Sign up at ZERO COST and Liz will answer your networking questions this week.

PLUS.. 74 more networking gifts in a special limited time gift basket.

You Won’t Have to Buy…

Our network of partners are following a SMART NETWORKING principle and GIVING first, without any requirement on your part.

Go ahead, take a look, try the gifts out and see how you will benefit.

Then build your own smart network by telling a friend by passing them this note.

We know that much good will come from this network and I’d like to share that with you.


Nan Akasha

PS. As you think about the people you will share this idea with… you will begin to see how many can be touched by simply sharing the best of what you find online

Just one contact can lead to amazing possibilities when you share this and build your own SMART NETWORK