Are you choosing a recession?

By February 6, 2009 March 2nd, 2009 Blog

The news and media tell us we are in a recession. Do you believe it? It is really your reality? Have you actually experienced a loss?

Some have, but most haven’t! Yes, the recession is a label and it does not apply to over 75% of the people in America! Most of you who know me, know I do not buy into others realities, I create my own. I know what makes me feel good and inspired and what does not. I intentionally focus on what makes me feel empowered and strong, happy and wealthy. Believing in a recession is not an empowering thought, so I do not choose it. My business is building, I am thrilled to help people change their lives, perceptions and feelings and my focus is on attracting those who are ready for change and want to get the results they want now. I do what I love and follow the feelings that support my success. Yes, you actually get to choose the feelings and thoughts that you decide are true for you, and that is what creates your reality.

You must see that not everyone is suffering right now. Wonder why? It is not luck, it is not greed, it is not anything outside. It is what they CHOOSE to think and feel. About themselves, the economy, their businesses, everything. Yes, everyone worries and has ups and downs, but what are you giving most of your energy to? Fear or excitement? Opportunities or loss? Can you see how you get to choose what you think, what you spend your time and energy focusing on? That is what determines whether you will experience a recession or a boom. It is really an internal thing, not an external one.

I know there are those of you who are saying “but I lost my job” or “I can’t get enough clients and pay my bills, and that is real to me”. Why not look at how you feel about what is happening and make the first step to see positive in everything that happens. This is not airy fairy be happy and all is well…this is science, reality. You get, see and experience what you believe is true for you. Period. You can’t get anything else. So what if you

  • Adopt the belief that all things happen to lead you to your ultimate happiness?
  • See everything as an opportunity and be determined you will find it
  • Feel like you are on the path to your personal wealth and that change is necessary right now to take you there
  • Trust you are always moving towards something better and expect it

Here are some Inspired Actions to take:

  • Get on my next free Ask Your Money Muse call, and get answers on how you can choose to be in a boom, not a recession (this tuesday I will have a very special discount code for you if you are on the call!)
  • Join my upcoming class “Total Wealth Transformation: Meet Your Money Muse” this is truly going to be the most empowering experience you have ever had, whether you are prospering right now or not. You will completely change your relationship with money and more….
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  • Go read this post by Jennifer McLean. She talks about Recession is a state of mind” and gives some great ideas on what to do.
  • Ready for real change and results? Coach with me now and in less than 60 days your financial situation will be drastically changed
  • Get my “Reboot Your Inner Money Machine” audio, and listen to it to change your subconsious programming around wealth and your personal worth and value
  • Join or create a mastermind group of postive people who can support you and help you clarify what you want and see how it is coming to you!
  • Do something, anything right now to help you choose your attitude as one of opportunity and wealth…lose the victim and choose your own power!

Let me know if I can help you in any way! Below I am including my comment to Jennifer’s blog, more great info!

I love your posts they feel like they come right from inside me! I never watch the news, for almost 20 years now, and I can’t explain how empowering it is…you do not miss out and you get along better. Remember that money is energy, just like anything else. It is you/us who put the meanings on it. We keep it away by being mad, scared, frustrated and buying into what others (media) tell us it means. Recession is also a concept, means nothing to me. In fact, when someone says recession, i do not feel fear or lack, I feel excitement. Do you know that more massive wealth has been made in recessions than any other time?
Recession merely means change. Things have shifted and if we ride the wave and look for the opportunities in the shift, we prosper and grow. When you hold on to the old way of things, you feel the pain. You have to let go of needing things to be the same, listening to what others say is happening and go within. What is really happening for you? Like Jennifer, my business is taking off, and I am having a great time. I know that what is happening around me is not true for me unless I choose it to be. I get to decide what I feel, attract and experience. I get to create my own reality and that includes, prosperity, money and wealth.
Opportunities are all around us. Make your intention to see, choose and allow in new and lucrative opportunities and then look for them. You are the only one at the helm of your ship, your life. You get to choose the meaning of what happens to and around you. You get to decide to believe that losing your job is the end or the beginning. Do you want to grow, have fun and create wealth and happiness, or live in fear and scarcity?  Wallowing in fear does not serve you, your family or anyone. Feeling powerless and ‘playing small’ actually makes that the reality you are living.
Do the things Jen suggests here, get on my free call, join any group of positive, empowering people and decide today to choose a world of wealth, health, love and joy. Do not wait for Obama, your employer, spouse or anyone to make your life better. You are the master of your life’s experience, be it.
I believe you can, I know it, I am here to help too…Nan Akasha”