Ask Your Money Muse

By January 7, 2009 Blog

884833_princess_1Ever wished you could ask any question you have about money and get answers that were practical, usable and got you results? Well, now you can! At you can ask any question you have about money and then listen in FREE to the answers!!

2009 is the year to connect with your own personal Money Muse and completely change the way money moves through your life and feels to you. My newest program is all about removing your Money Mask and meeting your Money Muse. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow, but just think about this:

If you are struggling in any way around money, not enough, worried about paying bills, concerned about your hob, wishing you had multiple streams of income, wanting to take your business and income to a whole new level or break the glass ceiling on your net worth, this will take you there with extraordinary results! The process will remove the false ‘mask’ you wear that is made up of faulty attitudes and negative beliefs and emotions you have around money. Everyone does, whether you are aware of it or not. That is why this is so powerful! Then we find your money muse, and connect you so you have an inspiring relationship with money that is fun and profitable and positive! Sounds good, right?!

So let’s just start with the first step:

1. Go to and submit your question about money. It can be anything. Here’s one example submitted so far “How can I stay positive about money when everyone around me is negative?”

If you do not know a questions to ask, but want to be on the free call packed with info, then simply say “no question right now” and submit your name and email so you can get the call in info for the call.

2. Listen in on Tuesday January 13th at 5pm Central while all the money questions get answered!

3. If you miss the live call you have 2 options to still get in on the great info:
A. The replay of the live call will be available for 48 hours after the live call, but of course, you just be signed up to receive it.
B. You may purchase a down loadable mp3 of the call so you have lifetime access and can listen over and over for only $10, info will be given to you when you sign up.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you for the Ask Your Money Muse call next week! Let’s make this the most prosperous year for everyone, ever!