Believe in magic…

By May 27, 2009 June 11th, 2009 Blog
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! I had a blast with my girls and their friends, we cooked a lot, swam, played Pictionary…laughed, watched movies…fun! Life is fun, and it is meant to be enjoyed. I wanted to share my interview with you, with LOA Love Coach Catherine Behan. It is about love, and how I met my soulmate, Chris. Here is her email and link, and check out her site too (Below)…nan-chris-fav-restauant-montmartre1
“Enjoyed this call immensely!!! Thank you both for sharing your stories and insights. Courtney”

“I believe in magic, especially when it come to LOVE.  In these challenging times, it is amazing how a HUG can make everything seem better.
You have heard Nan’s story and you know how much meeting her soul mate, Chris, has changed her life.  I love how she talks about where they met and how she knew he was The One.
Nan and I both know that it is POSSIBLE TO ATTRACT LOVE and we want that for you too!  Here is my interview with Nan.  She tells her story and we talk about how you can also ATTRACT THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!
We believe in YOU and we believe in MAGIC…what a winning combination!”
Celebrating Love,