“A Fairy Godmother of Light for the world…”

Nan’s clients call her their Fairy Godmother. An “exceptionally powerful healer” with “X-Ray Vision” and a ‘huge heart” who has “the voice of an angel that makes me melt”, Nan is a rare combination of spiritual and practical. A 30 year entrepreneur of nine successful companies, she has transformed huge challenges, like her daughter dying, to become a master of energy, mind and manifestation. Combining her extensive Shamanic training, 27 years of energy healing and 18 years as a Masters Hypnotherapist, she has an “uncanny ability to see what holds you back”… and transform it.

Nan’s mission to raise the vibration and consciousness multidimensionally through her powerful healing modality LightBody™Healing, and her Sacred Retreats Sacred Sites and Dolphin Healing Retreats (BlissLifeRetreats.com), and her free community “Living the Light”. With over 133 multimedia programs and 7 #1 bestselling books, Nan helps you discover the fastest path to create your reality and live the life your Soul Intended.   

Nan lives in the Mayan Riviera, and travels the world “activating the magic” wherever she goes, to usher in a new golden age on earth, with her Soulmate Chris as her twin girls are on a college adventure.

You can find Nan’s free Living the Light community at NanAkasha.com/love where she has monthly energy experiences, and heart openings and many special events. Her LightBody™Healing is available at NanAkasha.com/lbheal and her amazing sacred site retreats with live dolphin healings are available at BlissLifeRetreats.com

Nan Akasha