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Why I have seen the movie the ‘Secret’ over 50 times

By February 23, 2007 Blog

I hope you have seen the amazing, uplifting and inspiring movie “The Secret“. It is all about Creating your own reality, now! I have seen it so many times I have lost track! Literally! I have seen it well over 50 times. I watch it alone, with my kids and with friends. I put it on as background, like music when I am putzing around the house. I love it.

The “The Secret” is The Law of Attraction…like attracts like…you sow what you reap….you get back what you give out….people treat you like you treat them…you create your reality with the power of your thoughts and your feelings.

The reason I have watched it so many times is, I know the power of the Law of Attraction, I have experienced it in my life so many times, knowingly and unknowingly, intentionally and unintentionally. It is powerful, it is real and it is there for you to use to create what you want. Once I understood the way it worked, I was empowered to ask for what I wanted and know how to make it manifest. It takes practice and action, but it works, every time, for everyone.

I also repeat watching the movie The ‘The Secret” because as a master level hypnotist I know the power of repeating things. The more you repeat, the more it goes into your subconscious mind. If there is something you want to be a part of your belief system, one way to install it in your mind is repetition. I repeat Cd’s, books, movies, anything that I feel is in alignment with what I want as my core beliefs. I want to naturally think and act from certain thoughts and beliefs. The more I hear it, the more it is a part of who I am, automatically.

Another way to install new thoughts and beleifs in your subconscious is through hypnosis, and meditaion. Check out my new audio and DVD series coming out early March called “Unleash Your Limitless Potential“. It’s the easy, natural and joyful way to install positive, powerful new thoughts and beliefs. That is how you create your own reality! Try it, you’ll feel great!
My friend and mentor, Dr. Joe Vitale , an amazing author and person, wrote in his blog about the negative press and “controversy” that has arisen since the movie has become so popular. Check out his blog for his comments and links to some of the other people talking about it, he is always worth while to listen to! Here is something he says in his recent blog:

“It has now become so popular that critics and nay sayers who want to rain on anyones parade who is happy and positive have come out. And I’d make sure people knew that feeling is more important than thought in creating your own reality.”
“By creating a life worth living, I make a difference in the world — first in my own life, and then in the lives of others who are inspired to dare something worthy, too. ” Joe Vitale

I do not have any interest in getting into the nay sayers, but I want to mention that the Law of attraction is not about blame, it is about empowerment. What some people are seeing as dis-empowering is actually the exact opposite…the ‘Secret’ shows that YOU are the only one who has the power to create your life the way you want it. Do you see what this means? This is a GREAT thing! You have control of your life and everything in it! That means you do not have to be a victim or feel powerless, you can decide to learn how it works, apply it, let love into your heart and take action on what you want. Now you can learn the rules and apply them to win the game your way.

I have attracted so many things into my life, love, gifts, money, fun, trips, people, friends, business, direction, meaning, healing, joy…it never ends! I will share more in the future, and I want to share all the tools I know to make it easy and fun to create your life the way you want it!So get the movie “The Secret” now and watch it, enjoy it, share it with your kids and friends. Create a group of people around you who are intentional in living their lives, it is so much fun!

Live an inspiring life!

Love, Nan