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We all Live on Our Own Planet

By April 5, 2007 Blog

In our quest to “Create Our Own Realities”…I like the metaphor that we all live on our own “planets”. In a sense we are each of us a separate self contained planetaey system. Planets each have their own characteristics, atmosphere, look, feel, boundaries, laws and so on. They rotate in their own orbit and they interact with other systems/planets, but still remain independent in how they function. So do we!

We create the life/reality/movie we play in …called our lives. A friend of mine uses the visual of each of us being our own planet…I really like this! It is easy to understand how we all create our own reality with that concept. We create the characteristics of our lives, our “planet” through our thoughts & beliefs. Our past experiences and memories color our view, our atmosphere and then things on our “planet” (in our lives) follows suit. Since no one else, anywhere in the universe, has experienced things in the same way as we have, our “Planet” is unique! Our thoughts, past experiences and beliefs we have formed, all go into creating the unique point of view on our “Planet”.

Ever notice how differently each person sees, remembers and experiences something? Ever retell a conversation only to have someone else who was there, remember something different from you? Ever been at a movie, or sports event, or go to a party and then talk about it with someone else who was there? They had a totally different experience than you! This is because we all have formed our thoughts and beliefs from our own personal experience and what we decided it all meant. I might see something as fun and positive and someone else may see that same thing as negative and annoying, merely because they had a different experience of it.

Here’s an example: I was in a car accident once and there were 7 witnesses. When the police report was done, all 7 people thought something different had happened, blamed someone different and felt the timing of the events was even different.

One of my favorite experiences is when I talk to someone and they are on a planet that is so different than mine, that they don’t even hear or comprehend what I say. I was at a resort once, sitting in the jacuzzi with a loved one. We began to talk to a couple and got into the “what do you do” conversation. We talked excitedly about creating books and audios that increase prosperity consciousness. You could see that we might as well be speaking Chinese to this couple. Not only did that topic hold no interest to them, they literally blanked out and looked and acted like we had not said anything. It was not a part of their reality to intentionally create. They went through life doing what they thought they should. Sheeple. Prosperity was not a part of the atmosphere of their personal energy system; their “Planet”.

People who complain and blame create more of that on their planet because they give it time, energy , attention and then they talk about it with others looking for agreement. When they get it, they add more magnetic power to that idea and more of it is attracted to them. Whether they realize it or not, everyone has created everything in their lives.

There are also things that I do not put any attention on in my life, therefore they do not exist on “Planet Nancy”. These include war, violence and such, because I do not watch the news, and I do not allow those ideas to dwell in my mind. On “Planet Nancy” we are happy and loving and self empowered. Many things do not even show up in my life, even though I am walking in the same city as so many others who do have those things show up in their lives. Abraham Hicks, from the original “The Secret” movie, says to literally ignore what you do not like and want in your life and you will not attract it into your life.

My friend who coined the idea of each of us being our own planet says “Not on Planet Jacque” when people say limiting things and try to include her in it. It stops people in their tracks, and they get it, even if this is a new concept for them. You ever have people at work complain about their kids, spouse, job, life? Ever hear them say things like “Don’t you hate it when…?” fill in the blank or “You know what I mean…” or “You know how people always…?”

Next time someone says something negative, complaining, limiting or blaming; try saying “Maybe that is true for you, but not on planet Nancy” (well, use your name of course!). They may be a little shocked, but they get it. It is a nice, humorous way to get a very powerful point across…YOU create your reality. Life on YOUR planet is the way you choose it to be, and only you can decide what to include. This is powerful, remember and use this metaphor. It gives you the awareness that we each perceive everything through our own set of very unique filters. These are our thoughts, beliefs (which are thoughts you repeat so often they become automatic) and memories.

What is life like on your planet?

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