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Create Your Own Reality Now Newsletter April 2007

By April 11, 2007 May 18th, 2018 Blog

“Create Your Own Reality Now” Newsletter

Extraordinary Ideas to Explode Your Creative Process

April 11, 2007

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“Creation Vibration”: A Powerful Thought to Create Your Own Reality Now!

“There are no ordinary moments” From “Peaceful Warrior” movie (Go see it!) From the Dan Millman book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”

Seeing the movie brought back memories from reading the book over 15 years ago. One thing that rang a cord with me right now is the references to living in the moment, being in the ‘Now’. I love ‘Now’, in every sense.

“NOW” is an interesting concept to me. It is both time and space. I have had very different relationships with the word and what I thought it meant to me over my life. I grew up wanting everything “Now, now, now”. In many ways, I am not much different as an adult, even though I spent many years repressing it. I still want it all now now now, and I am able to enjoy the moment.

I had a huge shift in perception in the “Now” concept in this past year. My perception was that the saying (which I love to say) “Now, now, now” was a childlike temper tantrum, an unrealistic fantasy of a child who does not know any better. (Of course, that is what my family and school taught me.) I have a totally different perception of “Now, now, now” …well, now!

My feeling about “Now” these days is the key to powerful creating, delicious living and true happiness. “Now” is a wonderful combination of the very esoteric concept of “Being in the Now”, “Now is the only place of power”, “The only thing that exists is “Now”.

“Now”: is a concept that reaches deep within to the stillness of source, the center of all that is. “Now” is the void and the power, the reward and the moment of creation. Eckhart Tolle, in his book “the Power of Now” says about being in the “now”: “I lived in a state of uninterrupted deep peace and bliss “. “Now” is all we have and what we all experience in every moment, no matter what.

I can only ever BE in the Present moment. I can be focused in the past or worry about the future, and yet… I am doing that in the NOW! You can only act in the Now. You can only Think right NOW. You can only Receive in the Now! You can only Ask in the Now! You can only Enjoy In the Now Moment….if you aren’t in the Now, you aren’t living,

So my little girl “Now Now Now” saying has taken on a new and powerful meaning to me. It is a positive, in tune, grounded, tapped in, command and affirmation to my self that I am in the Now, I am creating Now, right now…and it is the perfect time and place for me to ask and receive and enjoy!

I have taken that thought, and adapted it to my own version which is a command, an intent, an action, instead of an observation:

“I Create Extraordinary Moments”


“Create Every Moment Extraordinarily”

Say this to yourself, write it and put it on your mirror or in your wallet. Think about it as often as you can for the next week or more and see what happens when you are consistently being aware to be in the “Now”.

Ask these questions:

1. “How can I make this moment extraordinary”?

2.”What is extraordinary about this moment/person/place/experience?”

3. “How can I be extraordinary in this moment?”

Take Inspired action:

4. Write in a journal your thoughts, feelings, ideas and observations.

5. Create powerful statements from what comes from you and inspires you and put it where you can see it. Say it to yourself several times a day, driving is good or doing dishes.

6. See yourself being extraordinary, living an extraordinary life with extraordinary people. Do this daily for 5-10 minutes or more, or whenever possible. The more often you do it, the faster the results.

The more you do this, the more it will happen and then you will notice it happening and then it will happen more again.

Receive and Enjoy!:

7. Notice what shows up, look at every moment as alive with possibility. Intentionally LOOK for what you want, it is there, you will see it when you look and expect to find it.

8. Be open to opportunities that show up. Be ready to decide quickly on what you see and feel and be willing to do whatever shows up. Acting in the moment is Inspired Action, and is the only action that produces real results.

9. Be Grateful: Be thrilled and happy and amazed at whatever you see, feel and recieve, no matter how small. Celebrate in your way! Everything (Energy) and everyone loves to be appreciated. Gratitude attracts more of what you are grateful for, and feels good!

Repeat! Repeat! Repeat!



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