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Jott your ideas and messages over your phone!

By November 20, 2007 Blog

Have you heard of Jott.com yet? It is a wonderful new FREE service that lets you speak your ideas or messages over your phone from anywhere.

jott.com is a free service that once you go there and setup your information you can call the 800 number anytime anywhere, and leave a message. Either for yourself or anyone else that you put on to your list of people. They will email the message to you, written out, along with a link to the audio of the message in case you need to listen to it again.

The advantage of this is that you can be somewhere that you can’t write things down, maybe in a remote place, driving, or in bed late at night or where ever. You may want to get that information down so that you remember to do it the next day, or you may want to tell someone else something. So, you can jott them.

One night I lay in bed. It was 3 in the morning, and I started to get all these ideas all these things that I wanted to do the next day. So instead of turning on a light and getting up, and creating a big fuss to write them down somewhere. I reached over and picked up my cell phone. Turned it on, and pushed the auto dial number I programmed into my phone for jott.

They answer and ask who do you want to jott? I said, myself. And its 30 seconds, but you can get 1 or 2 or 3 little things into those 30 seconds. And, I probably sent myself, I don’t know, 10 or 20 emails.

The great thing is that you can check your email, or whomever you jott gets an email, and you get a copy. And, you can transfer those into your to do list. You can forward them. You can use them as a reminder. Whatever. It is a great little thing.

Here’s just a few ideas on what to use it for, and keep finding new ones! Jott your assistant or business associates. Jott your family to let them know where you are or that you love them, Jott your friends to say hi, or ask how they are. Jott your mastermind group to uplift and empower them. Jott anyone you agreed to help support in whatever they are doing to give them a boost or be an accountability partner.

Compliment, pass on information, uplift, encourage, send love…the uses are endless!

My favorite? Sending love messages to uplift …to my loved ones, AND to MYSELF!!