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How to do what you love

By December 13, 2007 Blog

I received this email from someone who saw my show on the Manifest Station “Create Your Own Reality Now”.

I thought I would share it and my response, because it includes some great resources as well as ideas on how to start to do what you love, even if you have no idea how to begin.

Email recieved: “I have an idea for a reality show and I wanted to know can I get started. Im
a 27 year African American female. Im from Newark New Jersey, but I currently
reside …… I think my idea is quite interesting, but I don’t kow
where to begin. I don’t have any film or television experience, but Ive always
had a passion for it. Im a psychology major and I feel television shows are a
form of healing to its viewers. I want to help by showing the world that in
reality we all make mistakes….lol”

My response:

Thanks for your email.
I agree, video /pictures can be powerful and healing. Here are some ideas and resources I recommend:

You can learn how to make videos on this website: thevideoqueen.com
She is awesome! This is how I learned to use my camera, set up lighting etc from her.

Get your idea into a written form and create a website to start to attract people and resources. Go to the great people at Who Defines You, they can create you an awesomewebsite with everything you need: whodefinesyou.com , ask for Chris and tell him I sent you.

Ask people around you for what you want and see what shows up.
Write your ideas down, start to make the videos or whatever you want to make in any way you know how…now.

Meditate on what you want to have happen, how it will feel for you, who you will meet.
Add as many details as you can without limiting yourself. Be open to all possibilities.

Visualize it daily. Make a vision board. Get or borrow a great video camera and practice filming all the time.

Believe you can do it, and keep following your passion. Rhonda (who made the movie “The Secret”) held her vision of
what she wanted to share with the world so powerfully, joyfully and consistently, she got fantastic results. All kinds of people and resources and
opportunities lined up for her, because she used the law of attraction to attract what she needed and she never gave up.

We can all do that, it is about believing, expecting, focusing on what you want and feeling good about it.

Stay away from negative people who tell you you can’t do it, or it will be hard. Even if they are close to you, it is
very important to surround yourself with uplifting people who support you and your dreams.

Form or join a mastermind group .
(get “Meet and Grow Rich” by Joe Vitale and Bill Hibbler. Meet or talk at least weekly so you can brainstorm and stay motivated.

Do now, what you want, in any way, to get the energy and focus moving. Look for things in your life and to show up that
will lead you to where you want to be.

Commit to see what you want and actively look for it.
The best way to attract what you want is to do it at any level now.

Join Spiritual Cinema Circle, spiritualcinemacirlce.com …it’s a wonderful place to see and enjoy a lot of creative uplifting
movies, many of which are short films as short as 3 minutes. This will inspire you and give you ideas and an outlet for your creations.
Go to film festivals, look up film making classes or online resources. Network. Keep your vision alive., Go for it!

One comment on what you said “
“I want to help by showing the world that in
reality we all make mistakes….I know what you mean, and I would suggest seeing it a bit differently, in a more positive light.
Like not that everyone makes mistakes, but that it is about doing what you love and always moving forward, not
thinking at all about mistakes or failures, as what we perceive as mistakes are just part of the journey to
what we want.
Hope this helps. Most of all be happy and keep seeing what you want appearing in your life.
You can do it!