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Create Your Own Reality Now Newsletter December 2007

By December 17, 2007 May 18th, 2018 Blog

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In this issue:

~ How to increase your Prosperity effortlessly!

~ Really Cheap gifts that uplift, inspire and change moods, beliefs and lives!

~ How to be happy more and more, with no effort on your part!!

~ Latest articles

This is a season of giving… give to yourself as well as others. Appreciate, enjoy and Celebrate your life, the one you have now, AND the one you are now creating!

Change your Beliefs

I wrote a blog the other yesterday and it had an awesome quote from Napoleon Hill, the amazing author of “Think and Grow Rich” (which I highly recommend, you can even get it on tape or Cd to listen to it…over and over is a good programming). He is positive and teaches you that your thoughts are what creates your life. All you think and believe comes true, whether you like it or not. Check out how to “Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of
your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

So it’s time to change your beliefs. Since a belief is only a thought you repeat so many times it becomes a habit, a grooved pathway in your brain, you can change it! Your mind will go to that thought more easily than another, because it is like a well worn path. It provides ease and a “path of least resistance” for your mind to go to. So in order to create the world you want to live in, literally, you need to see what you believe and does it support your real desires. you want to only have thoughts and beliefs that support and empower your personal desires, your choices, your wants. This has nothing to do with anyone else, so get the guilt out now. You are allowed and indeed, must , think of yourself first and foremost. If you do not, you cannot be a powerful, happy and effective person in what you do.

Want to give to others? Give to yourself first!! Give to yourself by changing your beliefs and thoughts, change the words you use, and what you say. Do not complain any more (go to acomplaintfreeworld.org and order some wrist bands. Whenever you complain, move the band to the other arm. Soon you will no longer complain! Buy lots and give them away. I do! every time someone asks me about it, I give them mine.)

Don’t Worry…Be Happy now

Try the “Joyful Creating” audio, that includes the brainwave entrainment to make you feel joy and happiness naturally. Plus an amazing guided meditation to help you feel joy more often and visualize what you want to create. It is so powerful that I when I use it, things in my life change immediately and my visions have begun to take on a life of their own!

Also keep an eye out for our ‘Pure Binaurals’ audios, posting to products page soon.Relax to be Happy”…a quick 10-15 minute pick me up that will instantly lift your mood! Give to yourself the gift of permission to be happy for only $7!

Unleash Your Limitless Potential to Prosperity

Give to yourself or your loved ones the power of Prosperity Consciousness! You can change your thought patterns on money and wealth and attract more abundance to you using the Unleash Your Limitless Potential to Prosperity system!! Check it out, you can buy any “Limitless Prosperity”Audio and change your level of prosperity with ease and joy! Designed to take you into deep relaxation, open your mind to better memory and release unserving thoughts. It’s so easy you can even Sleep while you retrain your brain with the Sleep n Acheive Prosperity or you can just take a break and get rejuvenated from the Relax n Achieve. There’s even one where all you have to do is repeat the statements of limitless potential while driving or doing dishes and change your mind to one of prosperous thoughts and beliefs. There’s more too…get one or get them all for a huge discount. Gift yourself and others with something that lasts and will affect all areas of life!

Latest Articles

Here are just a few interesting articles I’ve written in the last month.

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Appreciate what you have and what you are expecting

Give today to yourself, take time to relax, be happy and attract the love, joy, health or wealth that you deserve.

Happy giving.

Create yourself a fantastic month,


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