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Joe Vitale Gave up Intentions??

By January 18, 2008 Blog

I read a blog of my friend, Joe Vitale’s, saying why he gave up intentions. Well, of course this was intriguing because aren’t we all becoming aware that we need to be consciously creating our lives? Don’t we all want to intentionally attract via Law of Attraction what we desire into our lives? Well intending to have certain outcomes, things, people come into your life is very important in creating your own reality. Well, if you read his blog, you will see that he really didn’t, he just made some clarifications. Here is my comment on his blog and how I feel about the place of intentions in our lives:

I too think that we need to be open to possibilities and ideas beyond what we can imagine. I love to have intentions tho, I love to really know what I want and flesh it out with my visions and even doing it to any degree so I know what it will feel like when I manifest it. Yet I have always said “this or something better”…leaving open the possibilities that there are even better things out there that i could not intend. because I do not even know they are possible.
I also practice something I call “detachment”…not being attached to the outcome, that way I intend what I want (ask), then I “release” the outcome to the universe, knowing that the best outcome for me in every way will happen. This way I do not go through disappointment or other roller coaster type emotions. When we get frustrated that what we want has not happened, we block the flow of the energies that are all working together to bring us the best possible result that we want.

So in order to stay in a state of happiness, or what I call “Joyful Creating” (in my audio it helps you be joyful and visualize what you want, the perfect state for manifesting), if you are not emotionally attached to the outcome, you stay open to receiving it.
Also, I EXPECT what I want to happen. These energies combined help the original intention not to get bogged down in any “counter intentions”, because you have released, expected and open yourself to any good outcome.
Finally, I bless and clear, all the time, as Joe and Dr. Len show in “Zero Limits”…thank you, I love you, forgive me, I am sorry…
Love, Nan