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Your Internet Cash Machine

By January 19, 2008 Blog

I have a bonus on Joe Vitale’s new book called “Your Internet Cash Machine”. Get it fee now when you buy this book.

My bonus is called “Empower Your Inner Money Magnet” and believe me it works, I know!

Joe Vitale and Jillian Wheeler released a new book a few days ago called “Your Internet Cash Machine”. It is all about how to make money on the internet. If you get it now from the link above, you get an enormous number of bonuses. One is from Mike Glen and I. It is an audio that will help you empower your inner money magnet. All you do is listen and repeat…and as you change your thoughts and beliefs, you will attract more cash and prosperity into your life!

You are a magnetic being, energy, and as such you are literally like a magnet, attracting things to you. You may have heard of the Law of Attraction by now? Well there are many natural laws, and they all play into how the things in your life come to you.

The beauty of this audio is you just listen and repeat and even if you do nothing else, you will change your thought forms about money, cash and prosperity. When you change these thoughts and beliefs, even if you do not know you have the negative programs or the nonsupporting beliefs, you will release them without effort and replace them with positiver and empowering ones!

This will make you , quite literally a strong magnet for cash!!! What YOU believe comes true for you…nothing else!!!

Like Dr. Bach M.D. (creator of Bach Flower Essences) you simply fill yourself with the positive emotions and thoughts that are almost the opposite fot he negative, and soon there is no room for the unsupportive ones. Yo udo not need to discover, uncover or destroy your un-supportive programs/ideas ann thoughts,…you simply expand the positive until there is no more room for the un-serving ideas.

Follow your passion and keep moving forward, believing you can and will have all you want. Perhaps this book is one step in the right direction for you? How does it feel? Look inside, don’t worry what anyone else thinks, and follow your heart…and be happy…that is what the game is all about anyway!