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‘Create Your Own Reality Now’ February 2008 Newsletter

By February 15, 2008 May 18th, 2018 Blog


I have some great things to share with you and intend to uplift your spirits and open your heart. I see so many wonderful things in the world, so many possibilities for joy, love, wealth…they are there for you, me, everyone! My vision is a world where we are all happy, full of excitement for life like when we were kids, no doubt that there are wondrous things out there.

First I am thrilled to announce I have the first

“Create Your Own Reality Now Experience” weekend Seminar

ready to go! It is going to be an amazing experience and I know you will not only have a blast but also expand, empower and step into your vision for your ideal life! I have designed an environment to open your senses in many levels, get in touch with your true self, expand your spirit, raise your vibration and feel what it is like to live an affluent life so you can go home and put the accelerator on your manifestation process.

Click here and read about it. The location is a most luxurious beach front home, (to increase your sensory experience of affluence and prosperity consciousness)…there’s a catch though, it is limited to an intimate environment of only 15 people!

So check it out now, I’d love to have you a part of it and watch you unveil the life of your dreams!

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“Everything I Want the World to Be is Now Coming True Especially for Me”

WOW! Is that the best statement ever for creating your own reality or what??!

We should all be saying this daily…even if you feel it isn’t true at the moment, the power in that statement will begin to turn your feelings, thoughts and what you see around you, until it IS true!

Remember the musical group “The Carpenters”? That is from their song “Top of the World”….the words are so uplifting and powerful! I just heard it again after many years. Back then I had no awareness that I create my own reality. No idea I could intend to live a certain way, feel what I want, expect my dreams to come true. Although…I did feel that way as a kid, full of hope, happiness and excitement. Full of belief that the future and the world held adventures and fun people, for me.

I highly recommend to start feeling like that again. Full of possibility, promise... no doubt, no “but what if it doesn’t happen…”

Try this:

Write this phrase down and carry it with you, look at it a few times a day. Each time you say it (out loud when you can, in your head as often as possible) close your eyes and FEEL it, let it go through you and choose to believe it…suspend your disbelief for a moment and let in the feelings of what it would be like if you knew this were true for you right now!!!

Here is why this will work so well for you in many ways:

1. You are affirming in the present tense what you want

2. You are saying “Now”, which, again is powerfully intending it to be true now, not in the future, which never comes. (Now is all that truly exists)

3. You are stating “I”; this is key, you must honor YOUR desires and want them freely, no guilt or worry of “selfishness”. So by saying “everything I want the world to be…” is key, because you create your world (no one elses). You create it with your thoughts and feelings, so here you are affirming your wants are coming true…not what others want.

4. Saying “everything”, covers all areas of your life, so your health, your desired love relationship, your wealth…anything you have decided you want is included here! Keep that intention in your thoughts while doing this. You CAN have it all!

5. Saying “especially for me” is powerful for several reasons: we are taught not to be self centered as kids and most adults have this program inside them. We are constantly reminded to think of others first and when this happens to excess, we forget how special we are. We are meant to have what we want, everyone is. However, if we do not feel we are special and deserve it, we can’t let it into our lives, even if it is sitting at the front door. Feel how special you are, and know this IS happening especially for you, and no one else. Feel good about it, and appreciate it!

6. Finally saying “I want” is important. I know I used to have an issue saying this phrase, I used other things instead. There are many theories on whether you should say “I prefer” or “I desire” or ” I want”…actually it makes no difference at all. Only in what it means to you. I choose “I want” for a few reasons; it reminds me of being a kid and it feels more fun and pure of an intention. It is clear and definite. Find what works for you, but I encourage you to be open to saying what you “want” and feeling good about it.

So with this one statement you are attracting what you want, and allowing what you want into your experience.

Once you begin to tap into the feeling of this statement; the joy and excitement, the anticipation and expectation, you can be in it and observe those around you.I was gazing at my beloved and felt an overwhelming wave of love flood over me.

Finally, a reminder about the new 2 minutes meditation videos..FREEEEEEE….they are on Youtube and many other sites. I have also had several requests to be able to download these, and that is coming soon…for only 99 cents each!

Here’s the link for the first two

Meditation Moment: Awaken Your True Self

Meditation Moment: Breakthrough



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