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i am so full of energy and focus…

By February 21, 2008 Blog

Do you have moments when you feel doubt, pain, fear?

Of course, we all do…

Do you have times when you allow people around you to hurt you, affect you, doubt yourself?

Of course, we all do…

I have been going through a very challenging divorce and massive changes because of it. I have had people I loved do cruel, hateful things and I have allowed their words, actions and energy to hurt me, emotionally, physically (stress illness) and mentally…

They key to my thriving (not survival)…is that I know I am the one that allows anyone else to have the power to hurt me. No one else can do it. I have the choice to feel food or bad, hurt or indifferent…only me.

It doesn’t make it always easy, but it does make me stronger. It does give me strength and power when it appears to others I should be crumbling. It does get me through the dark nights and the self doubt. It keeps me focused on the vision of what I want, and it is happening!

Here are some things that help me to release my belief’s about other people’s opinions, judgments and actions. They give me the ability to feel full of energy, focus and power, instead of pain, depression and self criticism.

~ I meditate and see the life, body, friends, money, life I want.

~ I appreciate the people who do lift me up, believe in me and support me. I accept their compliments ( “I really like the path you are going down with these videos, very exciting”… and allow them to assist me (ASK) when I am struggling.

~ I follow my inspiration and create (Like the new 2 minute meditation videos “Meditation Moment”) (Comment: ” I like it I think you are onto something with this :-).”)

~ I share how I feel with mastermind partners, loved ones who empower me, and not people who criticize, judge, doubt and pul me down. Choose the people around you carefully!!

~ I make being happy, feeling good and loving myself top priority

~ I always look for, and believe there is, a GOOD reason for everything that happens. I look for the gift and I use it to expand who I am and move towards the life I desire. I turn problems into opportunities (see my blog on that)

Here is part of an email I sent to a friend and mastermind partner about how all the change, challenge and pain I have experienced in the last year and a half  has helped me push through to a new level of self realization…I wish the same for you!

“…I am thrilled with all the things I am doing, I am so full of energy and focus, i am amazed, it has been years since i felt this good in that area, and I am not even close to being full steam, but the difference is amazing, that I have been pushed over a new boundary and I feel completely safe, comfortable, confident, happy saying my opinion, without being mad, just fact, but direct, like I have never done, at least not without worrying about it.
It has pushed my mind open to another level, i have expanded my thinking and my vision of what I can do, what is possible, what I believe myself able to do.
I am living doing what I want, making my own feelings important with no guilt. Again, in this way I have MORE to give to the other person.

If you say “I am giving this because i want to , because i love this person, because I love unconditionally, I will not judge or criticize what they want, I will just help them when i can expecting nothing in return”… TO me , that is the way to give, and the only way to give and receive and go with the flow. I am giving like that to others now, and to myself!
So I feel like I am free in a new way, like a tingling vibration all thru my body that is excited and scared at the same time, anticipating and nervous, it is way cool like… jumping off a cliff, out of a plane or anything that makes your whole body go tingly and weird!
I have a focus and belief I have not felt in years. I can think longer, follow thru easier and do more. Today while doing many other things. I wrote 3 new scripts, we edited them tonite and recorded 2 versions of them already! They are on health, perfect weight and vitality. Wonderful!
Life is fantastic, the Abraham Hicks I listened to today was perfect, of course. About how you do not owe it to anyone, group or individual , to come into sync with their vibration!. You have to align with you. So when you do, all the doors open, I think. Your energetic stash is right there, just waiting for you to feel you deserve it.  It is everything I have planted with passion and intent..it is appearing now before my eyes!

I love creating my own reality…and I am doing it, NOW                                                 love, nan”