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Do You Have Counter Intentions? Get Ho oponopono!

By February 22, 2008 Blog

Last year I was at a seminar called “Zero Limits”…great title, huh? It was put on by Joe Vitale. His new book “Zero Limits”, is about how you can clear yourself of all that keeps you from being in a ‘zero state’. Based on the ancient Hawaiian art called Ho oponopono.

A ‘zero state’ is when you are connected with source/divine/universe and receiving pure inspiration. You release memories and thus allow openings for inspired thought. Basically you repeat things like “Thank You , I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me…” to yourself on an ongoing basis.

At first I was not OK with the “I’m sorry” part. I believe in what you say has power and that is affirming you are a ‘sorry’ person. However, when I learned from Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len (Hawaiin Shaman who healed mentally ill patients with this technique, and never even saw them in person) that you are saying these things to yourself, …whew… I got goosebumps…what power I realized this simple concept had.

Something else that was mentioned was something called “counter intentions”. If we do indeed have such things as counter intentions; unconscious beliefs and thoughts that run counter to what we actually want… if we are unaware of them, then how come they have power and how do we get rid of them?

I have pondered this idea for a couple months and I admit I did not like hearing it at first. I thought, “man, I have worked so hard to stop negative thoughts and watch what I say and intention what I want! The thought there may be something blocking me from receiving what I want… and I don’t even know it’s there, and I am creating it, was, frankly pissing me off.

I have had some big challenges in my life the last year and they are still there a bit. I thought why and how did I attract this into my life? What is the opportunity in this? What do I believe that would create this? I have come to realize things like guilt and blame and any feeling or emotion that is not positive, making you feel good and raising your vibration, is essentially a counter intention. It is like taking 3 steps forward and 2 back.

This includes what you feel about yourself, not just others.By not being myself, my putting others opinions ahead of my own , everytime I doubted myself… counter intention. Each time I stopped myself from following my bliss, everytime I played small to make others feel comfortable, I was giving power to a kind of counter intention. It was giving me the yo yo affect and made progress toward what I wanted slow.

Abraham Hicks says you only need to follow what feels good, that is your guide to getting what you want. That tends to go against the way I was raised and what I was told. So it sounds too good to be true? Why can’t the truth be good? When did we come up with the idea we have to suffer?  Life is a buffet and we experience, then choose what we like. But instead of making it personal and complaining and worrying and attracting more of what we do not want into our lives; what if we instead thought about and did only what made us happy? Hard to imagine? I thought so too, but focusing on  what is fun to us, being committed to yourself that you just feel good, really works.

It is so important to realize you are creating your reality by both conscious and unconscious thought patterns; if you clean up the unsupportive and often un-conscious beliefs you will see more of the results you want, faster. The three main ways I find effective to do that are:

1. Ho oponopono: start using these phrases and you will get to the point that you do them automatically, even in your sleep. They bless, release, clear, cleanse and open you to divine inspiration and inner guidance.
2. Subconscious reprogramming: hypnosis and meditation that releases the unsupportive beliefs and replaces them with empowering ones, like the “Unleash Your Limitless Potential” series of audios.

3. Love and respect yourself enough to be committed to feeling good and letting go of what anyone else thinks. Simple and powerful.

You get what you think and feel, and sometimes you do not realize that you have beliefs that do not support what you consciously know you want. So you always get what you are feeling/thinking…even if you think “I don’t want anymore of this in my life”. That actually attracts it into your life.

Joe Vitale says “Clear up that area and you’ll be fast-tracking to outrageous success and spiritual fulfillment.”