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By February 25, 2008 April 15th, 2008 Blog

Today I celebrate the love of my life. We have been together 2 years. It has been an experience of such depth, sincerity, beauty and expansion. There are no words for the scope of my love for this man. There is no way to convey they way i feel, what his love has done for me and how beautiful, free, joyful, inspiring and unconditional and romantic life is with him.

I have been loved before, I have been in love before, and I never , ever knew that love could be like this.

This love is free; it makes me feel free, he gives it freely, we feel free together.

This love is true: there are no strings attached, no trying to change me, control me or requirements i have to fulfill in order to receive or be worthy of his love. He loves me truly and he feels love and it is his truth.

This love is unconditional: he loves me for me, not what he hopes i will be, wants me to be, thinks i will become or expects me to do.

This love is all encompassing; it infuses all areas of my life, me, us and the life we are co-creating.

This love is romantic: he gives kisses, hugs, love, touches and receives them equally as abundantly and graciously.

This love is inspiring; he inspires me to be all i desire to be, to be more than i ever dreamed and to continue to expand, grow and makes my dreams come true.

This love is joyful: every day with him is filled with joy, He is always happy, always loving, always looking for best in everything, always wanting to feel good and he knows what is truly important.

This love is expressed; he tells me in 100’s of ways how much he loves, admires and appreciates me, he shows me daily, he kisses, touches, hugs, gives, asks what i need, want and what he can do, no matter what the situation.

This love is soulful; he looks deep into my eyes and our souls intermingles, our energies blend and expand and lift each other up.

I could go on and on….I want to honor him by sharing with you how exceptional he and his love is, and by saying I know this is possible for everyone. I want everyone to know that no matter what you think or feel right now, you can have the love, the joy, the support, the acceptance, the romance, the thrill, the peace, the unconditional energy that you truly desire. It is out there.

Here is my “Inspired Action” tip: be what you want to attract. If you want someone fun, be fun, if you want someone romantic, be romantic, if you want an amazing, attentive lover, be one. Be an excellent receiver, feel and know you deserve unconditional love. Allow it into your life and only give because you want to. Don’t judge yourself or them. See, feel, ask and allow every aspect of love to saturate you. Dream of it and expect it. Feel for it…I could feel his energy for months before we met. Let go of any feelings of lack and expect the love of your life to show up. Look for love. Be open and communicate clearly and daily. See only beauty in others. See only beauty in yourself. Choose to think the most generous explanation for everything they do.

Know you attract what you want, know you create your reality, Create the love of your dreams. Choose to install the belief from the movie “Moulin Rouge” and feel the power of believing with all of your being that “Above all is Love”. Keep the faith.

My beloved has started a charity website called AboveAllisLove.org He beleives this in he heart. He is selling bracelets that say “Above all is love” and the money will go to a charity. Buy some and spread the word and let love flood into your life.

I love you Chris, with all my being. Thank you for sharing your life, your beauty, your heart , your ideas, and your soul with me, I am truly honored.