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the secret movie and law of attraction instill the power of love and you can too

By March 4, 2008 March 6th, 2008 Blog

I received an email from the makers of the movie “the secret”. It moved me, a lot. One, because it was about the supreme power of Love! I couldn’t agree more. Two because it had a letter from a woman who said “I Love Myself For The First Time’

Here is some of what she said: “…Depressed, hating my life, myself, and many times had thoughts of ending my life.One night I was reading The Secret, the part about loving ourselves. I closed my eyes and saw myself hugging myself and loving me! Might sound weird, but that is how I visualized it. I cried, because I had never felt that much love for myself! I had always battled with weight issues. But I now love myself so much, and accept myself, and I shall ask and I shall receive!

The Secret has changed my life! I didn’t realize how much negative energy I have had around me all my life! And I cry to realize that my kids behavior wasn’t them – it was me!! I was bringing all this negative energy around me and them!”

There is so much power in what she is saying. When e do not love ourselves, we deny the flow of energy that is all around us. We experience lack of harmony in others and ourselves. We cannot give fully because we are not fully present.

I spent many years, abundant with love to give mto others, but not to myself. I had been raised to not love myself, to think I was not good enough, that I did not deserve. When your fmaily or anyone in your environment is negative, it is because they are not loving themsewlves. They are unhappy, and most oftne want others to be as well, so they don;t feel too bad. When you line up with the truth of the universe…that you are perfect, beautifulk, loving, loved and loveable, joy and happiness flow all aournd and through you.

Others cannot give you self love., You have to want it enough to be “selfish”…self oriented. If you are courageous enough to love yourself despite what others in your environment say and do, you will see a whole new life blossom around you. And within you.

The “Secret” is the law of attraction. The law of attraction says whay you think and feel you get, what you put out, you get back. Law of attraction does not discern or second guess you, it is like a computer, garbage in-garbage out…love in, love out. Don’t expect the law of attraction to say “oh, she doesn’t really mean that, I’ll give her what I think she wants, despite what she is saying and feeling”. Not even close.

The key to a joyful fulfilling life is having the self worht to love yourself, and then you have the peace, clarity, joy and energy to give what ever you want to others. And the negative people fade into the background.

Your prosperity, wealth, health, love, relationships…all of it depends on starting with self love, self worth, self allowance. Then you can know what you want, ask for what you want and receive what you want. Isn’t that why we are here? To be happy, fulfilled and share it?

I have 3 Inspired Action steps for you today, all to help you line up with love in all forms and awaken to your life’s purpose:

1. Read or watch the Secret again, decide to feel good and believe it’s message, let it lift you up and share it with someone.

href=”http://www.whatisthesecret.tv”>What Is The Secret

2. Read or listen to any Abraham Hicks book or cd and start making your top priority that you feel good, no matter what! I highly recommend the bimonthly cd’s.

3. Sign up for the truly life changing weekend seminar in April that will awaken your life’s purpose and reignite your passion for life, renew your spirit and reconnect with your inner guidance. Go to meditationweekendworkshop.com now and allow the law of attraction and the power of love to transform your life.

What are you waiting for? Every minute you wait, is another minute you could be living the success and peace of mind that you dream of!

All my love for you, Nan