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oprah & marianne williamson; midlife as a time of miracles and power, not crisis

By March 7, 2008 March 8th, 2008 Blog

SunsetHow do you think about midlife…as a crisis? a joy? a reinvention? a miracle age? a disaster? I hardly watch TV … however a friend showed me the recent Oprah show with marianne Williamson. They were discussing her new book The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife. It’s about about turning midlife crisis into midlife joy and miracles. They had lots of women on there that discussed how great they feel over 50, even over 40, and how this is the best time of their lives. Oprah wants to blow the stereotype away about midlife crisis, for women. She wants us all to see that the 40’s, 50’s and beyond can be powerful, fun, sexy, beautiful, fulfilling times. And it’s true. YOU get to choose how you see it and feel about it. Remember what you believe is true for you!

I have never been hung up on age, and yet, yes, I do find I want more energy, focus, clarity, stamina… I want the fit beautiful body back, and I want to be me. I want to know who “me” is without anyone else in my head. So it is a time to feel more free, we care less what others opinions are, (yea!), we caqre more about how we feel (yea!), we want to explore, discover., and reignite your passions.

I want to be me, rediscover who I am now, and what I want to be and do. It is a time of ,”OK, time for me now” …and this is good…great even! None of us have ever been selfish enough. You can see in my blog yesterday that I quoted Abraham Hicks and it spoke about being “selfish” enough, to be yourself, so you have more to give others. Well that is what the midlife energy is all about. It is a beautiful and empowering thing. Really we all want to be self focused, self honoring, self loving at every age, but often, as early as the mid 30’s for some, our energy starts to say “Hey, what about me?”.

Remember we can ONLY be self focused…we are experiencing life as us, through our perspective, body and being, we can’t be anyone else, we can only see feel and experience. through the filter of who we really are, inside.

We find ourselves turning inward and asking our inner voice, (which we haven’t really listened to much for years since we were so outwardly focused,. Having fun, learning the world, gong to school, falling in love, all that outward energy that most of life, especially i the first 20 years is about. Now, in midlife, it is common to seek experiences that are initially internal that then create passion that gets projected externally (new businesses, relationships …) As we ask what have I not done that I always wanted to do? We feel more authentic and more drive to follow that.

Are you asking yourself what have I needed, desired, wished for, that I never thought I could have?

What are you doing to make your these changes and start living your dreams now? Are you letting yourself go with the call you have inside you? Are you following your dreams, and beleiving you deserve them, and can have them? Or are you frustrated, lost, confused, feeling like “when will I get to live my life?”

Well, if you are a woman who feels like you want a change in your life, your career, your body…I have 3 very powerful tips for you!

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As always, Enjoy!