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Want to spend a weekend at the beach discovering your purpose and passion?

By March 14, 2008 Blog

Wanted let you know more dates have been added for the amazing ‘Create Your Own Reality Now’ weekend experience. So many people said “we want to go” but we can’t make it for the April dates of April 4-6.

Check it out and get on the list so you can recieve more information about other empowering, luxurious, prosperity inducing experinces. We may add even more!

If you have any area of your life that you want to change and see more results in, if you have lost your life’s purpose, if you do not know what do to next but know you want more…then you need to check out this life changing , hands on way to jump start your life, find your passion, create your ideal life and step into it.

CLICK HERE to discover more….do it now, start living your life the way you want…more love, more money, more joy…it’s all possible and it can start for you right here at this beautiful ocean retreat with wild dolphins and ponies all around you!