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master of law of attraction

By March 17, 2008 Blog

I am writing a new book, not sure of the title yet, perhaps master law of attraction, or master of law of attraction…but it has become so much more. I am writing it with a friend, mastermind partner and  business associate. It has been an inspiring and fun experience so far.

See, we are both very intent on creating our own realities. We study, meditate, read, write, listen and anything else, in order to really understand the way the world works. She coaches and writes on law of attraction, master success mindset and turning your passion into profits.  I have studied and taught meditation, hypnosis, EFT and lots of healing. We help each other, we share our insights and we inspire and lift each other up towards success in all areas and true freedom; joy.

We want results, now. We want to leave behind the doubt and limits we were raised with. We want to remove the concepts of working hard, never being good enough and enjoy life to the fullest.

We want practical applications of law of attraction and quick, tangible results.

You know my focus is fun, ease and results. I want simple, easy to do, fun and effective ways to create the life you want.

We are taking that focus and mixing in laws of the universe, spiritual truths and scientific paradigms/truths to make the most effective program you have ever experienced. It is exciting, fun and very mind blowing. Below is a simple beginning thought pattern/affirmaation I want to share with you.

Step one is to find your true self and beleive you are the master of your life. YOU do create your own reality, and doing it with intention starts with you beleiving that you can direct it to what you want it to be.

Write this down, say it to yourself in the mirror, the car, when you are falling asleep, anytime. Add the feelings that you would feel if you really knew it were true, if you chose to adopt it to be a belief. Then watch for what you want and see your confidence and abilities start to soar. And stay tuned for more…

I am saying this to you, now say it to yourself and choose to believe it;

“You are the master of your mind
You are the master of your emotions
You are a master of the law of attraction…
You are the master of your life
I believe in you”