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How do I make money now? How do I allow my abundant cashflow into my world now?

By March 18, 2008 Blog

What does everyone want? Well, the truth is happiness. Everything everyone wants is ultimately because they think it will bring them happiness, joy, fulfillment, contentment. When you layer away anything that we want, it all comes down to the fact that we believe that by having that ‘whatever’ (love, money, health, joy) will bring us peace and happiness.

This is what I usually write about. Today, however, so let’s explore the practical side of one of the top issues everyone has or has had in their life.


Money is energy, just like everything else from our bodies to the trees to the table you eat at. We attach so much meaning to money. We have watched so many battles fought over money, relationships dissolve and form over money, and health decline over money. It is amazing what power we have given money. An energetic concept that makes out 3-D world go round.

Money isn’t bad or good, it just is. I want to find the exact things that allow money into our lives. What will dissolve money issues, fears and beliefs. What will empower us to have the exact thoughts, feelings and actions that takes law of attraction and directs it to allow a flow of money into our lives, hands and bank accounts, right now. So many great books have been written going way back that explore what people who have mastered creating, receiving, keeping and growing money vs those that suffer without. ‘Think and Grow Rich’, ‘Rich Dad , Poor Dad’, ‘The Cashflow Quadrant’, ‘Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’…and many more. But how many have given you the results you want?

Let’s explore this together, leave your comments here and share what you do that has tuned you into the energy of money. What have you done, thought, changed and believed that has opened your doors to all the cashflow, wealth, riches you have asked for. How do you empower your inner money magnet?

Everyone has wished, hoped, asked and strongly desired money. The reasons may vary, but the core desire is the same. If we live in a limitless and abundant universe and we do, just read some quantum physics or watch “what the bleep, down the rabbit hole”, then there is more than enough for everyone. It is scientifically proven. So let’s believe in the limitless abundance and start to isolate the exact things that opens people to living their financial freedom today.

So here’s one thing I do, I listen to the Unleash Your Limitless Potential Series “Limitless Prosperity” . I mostly listen to the ‘sleep n achieve’ audio, because I can put it on when I go to bed and I drift off to sleep with positive prosperity programming going into my relaxed and open mind. I also like the ‘Repeat n Achieve’ audio as I consciously hear and repeat the prosperity phrases and it feels empowering to feel comfortable to say “I believe cash flows to me” and other expansive phrases. Check it out.

So now, I have a new tool for you, below, and then I want to hear from you….

Below are some questions I have constructed to begin to allow our minds to ask, and seek what we want in the realm of money. Asking is the first ingredient in manifesting what we desire. “The quality of your questions determines the quality of your life” says Tony Robbins. If you ask, the universe/God always answers. So if you are asking “how do I?” questions, the answers will begin to appear. So use these over and over and determine to see the answers. Everything we want is all around us, let’s begin to let it in and show others how to as well. Let’s create a prosperous world in every sense and begin to enjoy life!

$$ Money mindset questions $$:


How do I make money $ now?

What do I need to do, say, think, be to allow in the millions $ of dollars $ I have put into energetic asset portfolio (vibrational escrow)?

What do I do, where do I look in order to start the flow of cash $, money, wealth, riches, prosperity I desire into my 3-D physical reality right now?

How to I see and seize the opportunities, resources and people that will allow my abundant cashflow $ into my world now?

How do I fill my bank account $ to overflowing right now?

How do I create an ongoing, never ending, consistent flow of cash $, checks, money into my life?

How do I find the avenue for riches $ to flow into my life and stay permanently that matches up with what I love to do and when I love to do it?

What do I do that will give me all the money $ I desire, loads of free time, allows others to run it, is easy to automate, I can do from anywhere and is fulfilling and satisfying?

How do I do what I have a passion for and make millions of dollars $ doing it?

How do I help others and make a lot of money $?

Please show me now, and show me how to allow it in at this very moment.

Thank you thank you thank you

$$$$ To your prosperous, wealthy, affluent, rich life! $$$$



  • I’ve used checks to write checks of items I want. I bought islands, jets and sailboats. Physically writing the check makes me feel fantastic.

  • This is a great post. I think it is so easy for people to fall into the habit of wanting money, complaining about not having enough… Without realizing they are doing, that there is a steady stream of thoughts and conversations in their own minds and with other people. This drives moeny away from you.
    For me one of the things on a practical level is to appreciate money. The money I have, the money that people are paying me for something, or buying something. Even if it is not flowing into you appreciate money. The energy of money. As you said, it is just an agreed upon concept that “money” has a certain value. Give it a higher value in your mind and thoughts and you will start to see it give you a higher value when you are attracting it.

  • Charles R. says:

    Hello Nan
    I don’t know where to start.
    I know I’m not living the life my mine wants me to live.
    It’s 6:30am an no I didn’t just get up.
    I’m working the 12am-8am shift.
    I just got done reading your email.
    I wish I had a $1,000,000.00
    but not as much as if I had friends to
    show me how to keep it and give it and get more.
    I have to go. Today I’m going to love more an more!

    Charles R