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Light The Way For Your Kids With The Law of Attraction

By March 20, 2008 Blog

Chris at abundanceunlimited.com has a great blog today on law of attraction and kids. It is a blog from a guest blogger, Rhonda at kidsawakening.com.

I highly recommend you read it and comment, an interesting conversation is going on. Teaching the law of attraction to kids is an awesome way to create your reality and change the world!

Here is my comment:

Nan from createyourownrealitynow.com
My twin 11 year old girls are master manifestors! I showed them the movie the secret’ and ‘what the bleep do we know” many many times, and they listen to Abraham Hicks when they go to sleep. Within one month of Emily seeing “The secret” she manifested a game she wanted that was over $100! She saw the scene where the boy wants the bike and keeps thinking about it. She asked me questions like “if I think about it all the time I will get it?”. As long as you are happy about it and excited and believe that it is coming to you, I relied. She was so sweet, one day she came home from school and was upset. She told me “mom, I can’t think about it when I am in school all day and so I will never get it!”. I explained it was not necessary to think of it every minute. I was amazed when she told me she had received it, as she had planned on 3-4 months to save the money, b ut other opportunities for making $ popped up and she did it in less then a month!
I am most interested in how much I have changed in how I am with them the more I integrate the law of attraction myself. I was a mom that very much wanted to make everything happy all the time. I wanted to protect them from any pain or hurt. Now I look at them as masters of light and powerful beings creating their own reality just like any adult. It is a lot of fun because I am still here for them, but I am more relaxed and get to watch them blossom within themselves and become masters of their emotions. I think they have actually become more in control of their minds and emotions because I am not trying to fix things anymore.
I am writing a book abut how to master la of attraction and watching kids get to master it at such a young age fills my heart with joy! Imagine what a wonderful world we would have, full of self empowered people if all kids were told of who they really are and how the world really works. I highly recommend empowering any children around you, it is how to truly change the world and create your reality, now!