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color me butterfly; hope, courage, self love

By April 1, 2008 Blog

I do not normally like to focus on anything painful, I prefer to focus on what feels good. However, I feel that this book has something we can all relate to. We have all had perceived painful experiences. We all have things we wished we had not experienced, however, most of us also know we would not be who we are today without those things. We learn to choose what we want, focus on what we want and deliberately create our lives once we realize these painful experiences are not who we are. Choosing to love one self and live a life of hope and happiness is what we all have the free will to do. Reading this book will inspire you to begin now to choose your life and stop worrying about the past. Let it go and choose a life of joy now.

This book will truly move you. It is about courage, like we all have, and self love, which we all need.
“Readers are left with a sense of hope . . .  a book about making peace with the past, learning from it, and moving on . . .  a story of self-actualization, courage and acceptance.” –Rawsistaz 

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Rarely does a book come along that tells a compelling, captivating story and gives us all hope. Color Me Butterfly is that book. It is a touching and insightful read for anyone in search of courage, faith, love, and purpose. Find out for yourself! The following is an excerpt from L. Y. Marlow’s Award winning Color Me Butterfly

:“Mattie pushed Deller’s leg from the pit of her stomach, causing

Deller to stir. She turned away from the sunlight to salvage a

few final moments before the familiar sound of their mother’s

footsteps approaching their room marked morning. Instead, she

was alarmed to hear the thunderous voice of her father—at it

again—screaming at their mother for something Mattie couldn’t

quite make out because Isaac’s anger obliterated reason.

She pulled the blanket over her head to silence him, but she

could tell from the tone and depth of his voice that today would

be a bad day, the kind when she was reminded that he was no

longer their daddy. He was Isaac, with a capital “I.” They no

longer thought of him as the father who used to play with them,

take them to see a picture show, and lead them in birthday song.

Their Daddy had disappeared, replaced by this volatile, angry


When the loud voices were replaced by loud thumps, they all sat

up in their beds and looked at the door, imagining what was

happening to their mother on the other side…”

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I hope you find this as moving I did–
Nan Akasha