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You are at the control center of everything about your life

By April 8, 2008 Blog

I received an email today about a comment a woman made to a blog on Banabu.com, about simple ways to increase your energy. I love simple ways to do things, as it is usually the most effective and powerful. What was interesting to me was this woman commented that it may be a “small tweak” to make a big change, but it felt huge and difficult to her.

She said “For some of us, it feels like that (it’s a huge thing to change). Just because someone else has done it and says its easy, doesn’t make it any easier for those of us who’ve never done it before.”

This is true, but finding your own internal voice, energy and path is the key. Other people’s ideas, processes and stories are great as inspiration and guides. Seeing what syncs with you is the key. Find your own path by taking from here and there as it resonates with you and you will find your own way to increase your energy and make the shifts you desire. It is true that small shifts make big changes. First you have to decide to believe that though. If you feel down and helpless and don’t believe anything works for you, nothing anyone tells you to do will work. It all starts with you, and inside you. Start with the desire you have to feel good and then start to make small steps to believe it is possible for you to have and do what you want.

I agree with Mike at Banabu, getting your energy up is very important to making anything happen in your life. Even just being present in your life takes energy and focus. Mike says:

“And that’s that small tweak I talk about. It simply has to do with your own energy. The truth is, you’ll never get where you want to go if you don’t pound the trail with your own foot prints.” and “You are at the control center of everything about your life. It’s your energy (physical, mental, and emotional) that drives everything you experience. If you run low steam, you cannot create much of anything.”

Go see the simple steps he gives to increase your energy, and see my additions that I left as a comment below:

I like the simplicity of your energizing “system”. I look for simple, powerful things, because after 18 years of study, practice and teaching, I discovered the things that bring real results are simple.
I would add 2 things:
1. meditating and/or spending time with yourself quietly. This in and of itself adds an amazing amount of energy to your body and mind. A small amount of meditating is equivalent to a large amount of sleeping. You feel energized, clear and happy. Spending time inside yourself is what gets you in touch with who you are, what you want. You feel the real power and energy that is you and you get a sense of calm and peace that goes out into your world.
2. Be happy. Being truly happy increases your personal power, gives you the fuel to attract what you want and is the ultimate goal of everyone’s actions anyway. So if you start with the premise of being happy, everything else falls into place.
I love to teach ways to achieve these things, because they seem simple, but have such a profound impact on people’s lives and self image.
Thanks and have a energized and joyful day!
Nan createyourownrealitynow.com”