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Life is meant to be fun…yes it’s true…

By April 22, 2008 April 24th, 2008 Blog

“Life is supposed to be fun…” Abraham Hicks

I hope you enjoyed the new meditation moment video I posted yesterday “Celebrate Life!”. I got some nice comments and I wanted to talk a bit more about celebrating life every day.

I know it is hard for many of us to believe that we are, indeed, supposed to have fun and be happy. I know for me, I was programmed very early on by my parents that life isn’t all play, that suffering and working hard was revered and that I was supposed to stop being so happy and spontaneous all the time and get “serious”.

Any of you had that training too? I think most of us have had that to one degree or another.

“…that life was meant to be FUN! It’s hard to believe sometimes, but it’s true. It’s all about point of view.” Neale Donald Walsch

Over the years these ideas are reinforced by society. Our teachers and school rules, in the workplace and even with some of our friends and loved ones. People have been teaching people over the ages one after another the ideas around life being hard. We are taught there is lack, there is much to be afraid of, life isn’t easy, “no pain no gain”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “life is not a picnic” and so on. At times it appears hard to stay happy and positive amidst all this negativity, stress and fear. I know, I lived with depressed, negative people most of my life.

I have even discovered over the last 10 years that many people dislike ‘happy’ people! I see that people feel more miserable when they see a happy person. Apparently it makes people feel worse if they are not happy and they are with someone who is happy. Sad, really, that we cannot be genuinely happy for others and use their joy as an inspiration for finding our own!

I know we are meant to be happy, and as I live my joy more and more everyday, every moment, I know it more and more deeply. I have to still consciously tell myself, when a rush of joyful, excited energy goes through me, that “yes, you are meant to do this, that is what that feeling is telling you”…because even though I have come so far, I still occasionally have that parental voice say “now you can’t have/do everything you want!”.


You have to start where you are and;

1. Do Not feel guilty or bad in any way that you are not happy now or haven’t gotten this sooner.

2. Examine your thoughts and beliefs (repetitive thoughts that have their own pathway in your brain). Do you have negative thought patterns others told you about life? Do they support you and what You want to do/feel/be? Decide right now to choose your own thoughts and create your own beliefs

3. Decide, I mean really commit, that you want to be happy and you deserve to be happy and you are happy. Happiness is your natural state, so it will get real easy soon enough, even if at first we have to “work” at it. Remember these are just thoughts, thoughts are just energy and you are the sole creator of your thoughts…so you have all the power needed to change them.

4. Choose your thoughts and thus how you feel in each moment. Every day stop now and then and ‘check in’ with how you feel. Are you feeling joy? Are you letting outside circumstances, people or events dictate how you feel? Then CHOOSE, in that moment to feel happy. Think of when you were very happy and bring that feeling into your being, your body, your mind. The more detail you include, the easier it will be to begin to move towards a happier feeling. Take baby steps, do not judge yourself for where you are, remember #1.

5. Set up reminders in any way you can to help you to remember you are allowed to feel happy anytime, anywhere! Post notes on mirror, in wallet or on calender. Send yourself messages via text or email. Have others remind you with a call (sort of a ‘happiness accountability partner’).

6. Keep a proof journal. Each day at the end of the day jot down on your computer or in a notebook all the moments you experienced happiness that day and anything you did to really turn your emotions around. This will be fantastic positive reinforcement you can read later or just feel good about in the moment.

Once you start to see that you can choose happiness no matter what, you will be inspired with your own power, choices and of course… how great it feels to be happy and celebrate life every day!

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