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April Newsletter Create Your Life Now!

By April 24, 2008 May 18th, 2018 Blog

Welcome to Create Your Life Now!

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in the world today than for bread” Mother Teresa

What an amazing month it has been! Spring has brought all kinds of new opportunities, ideas,inspirations and wonderful new people into my world. It has been a month of monumental closure ( I am finally divorced after 3 years!..hooray!), luxurious and relaxing celebrations and incredible new heart openings and mind expansions! The month started with my divorce being finalized and week on the beach in a mansion. This is my ideal vacation, so I practiced more focus on being in the now and relaxing into the visions I want to create for myself. Feeling the becoming of what I see in my minds eye and let the divine energy run through my heart and out into the world. I read lots of new books about quantum physics and being in the now, and am incorporating more of these concepts into my work. My entire mental construct has shifted to new points of view and refined concepts of how to more easily manifest and step into what i am intentionally creating my life to be. I am combining those new, incredibly powerful ideas into easy to use techniques and getting them ready for you!

Probably the most memorable day this month was the one where I was literally living in bliss all day…what an exceptional experience! Love was coursing through me, love from my beloved, from everyone I met, from the universe, from me. Joy was ever present in my cells, dancing and playing, my whole body felt as if it was glowing and was expanded and light. Colors looked luminescent and trees and clouds and everything I looked at was as if it was multi layered, multidimensional, vibrating. My goal is to make that happen more and more often and get to where that is the norm! Wow, that will be well, bliss! Read about it here

“Your body is literally a vortex of energy , a conduit through which divine creative energy flows and is directed by you into whatever form you want. You are a co -creator of your world, of the world.” Nan Aksaha

~ What is the most powerful generator in the world?
May 1st is the release the “Heart Breath Manifestation” Meditation. This is a very powerful meditation combining your vision of what you want in you life with the power of emotions and learning to run it through the most powerful generator there is; your heart! The powerful audio meditation/visualization comes a manual where you will learn what your heart really is and how to use it, nurture it, open and expand it! Watch for it! I wrote a series of blogs about it this month that are very enlightening and give you an idea of what will be in the manual. I highly recommend you read them and get started creating in a more natural, easy and effective way than ever before. Focus on your heart, open it and see it filing with love and being a huge generator, magnetically attracting what you want into your life. Relax, you are a swirling mass of unending possibilities and the parts of your life that you do not want to live anymore are only one of those possibilities. Choose another one, and step into it.

Here are the links:

we are meant to be the masters of the laws of the universe

9 steps to relaxing into creation

Are your affirmations empty, not working, lacking passion?

heart breath manifestation meditation

~ On April 21st I released the 3rd “Meditation Moment Video: Celebrate Life!” it has been getting a lot of great feedback, check it out, it is free. You can also now download it to watch anytime for only 99 cents! Click here to download

~ You still have a few days, till April 30th to get a copy of Gregg Braden’s new book “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief” and get $1000’s of dollars of bonuses, including my audio for free “Joyful Creating”. I am reading it now, wow!! Check it out

~ If you think you are dealing with a Passive Aggressive Personality, you will want to read this. I did for 26 years and didn’t know it till the last 4. It is important to know, so you can realize what is going on and what you might want to do about it.

~ Remembering not to label and judge what happens, what others do helps us stay in a space of peace and awareness. Read here about how Adversity brings strength, enlightenment and happiness.

~ Louise Hay, one of my favorite teachers and a woman who “saved my life”, is having some awesome seminars coming up with a lot of amazing and powerful speakers, like: Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Christine Northrup, Gregg Braden, Carolyn Myss and more! Even Louise herself will be on some! These are teachers that have helped millions change their lives and empower themselves to create the lives they want. Click here to read about them and see if they are your next step to an enlightened life!

~ Don’t forget to: Live in Bliss And that Life is meant to be fun…yes it’s true..

~ Email me if there is anything i can do to help you! I want to know your deepest concerns and how i can help. Let me know what your experiencing on your journey of life. Tell me what you want the most and what you believe is keeping you from having it. I am here to help you step in to the life you truly want, know who you are, feel and experience our inner power, live in the now and enjoy yourself each moment! I know you can do it, and believe me: Don’t hesitate to live your dreams, it’s more than worth it

What a wonderful month April has been! I am ending it with a luxury weekend celebrating my beloveds birthday. We are having a couples spa retreat, staying at a luxury hotel, I am having champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in the room when we arrive. We will have an intimate dinner and dancing one evening and a night out at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine with friends the next. I intend to shower him with love and make sure he knows, feels and reels with the depth of my love and appreciation. I am so very pleased I have allowed myself to deserve and enjoy someone of such beauty, depth, intelligence and spirit. Creating your own reality is all about knowing your true self and your real desires and then relaxing into allowing them to be your experience. Participate in your dreams it is sooo much fun! What a way to celebrate life and the people who make it a fun adventure and a joyful, fulfilling experience.

I am so looking forward to what amazing possibilities May has in store for me and for you…..