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Life is delicious being in the moment

By April 29, 2008 Blog

I want to share my weekend with you…it was so romantic, fun, relaxing, exciting, wild, delicious, wondrous, blissful, sensual and sensational….good food, great friends, amazing boyfriend, killer view, luxury service, pampering…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I talk about creating your own reality. I talk about enjoying life, celebrating each day, being in the present moment, appreciating those you love, looking for what you want, relaxing into life, doing less and enjoying more…well I mean it! I am living it! If you aren’t, wow, what you are missing!

This wasn’t just any great weekend because I went luxurious, wonderful places. It wasn’t so amazing, stellar and galactic because I did fun things and spent time with fun people. That is all true. It was ‘out of this world ‘ spectacular because of me. Yes, I was the difference!

I am what is different in my life. Yes, what I choose to do, focus on and experience is in many ways different, but it is not what is going on around me that is different, it is what is going in inside me! To me now, everyday is another journey into a life of present moment blissful creation and total enjoyment. I have committed to myself, to be in the now, enjoy life, and only do what I love. Appreciate every little thing. Notice, savor, immerse myself in all the sensations of that moment, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

I am enjoying life in more ways, levels, dimensions, depths that ever before because I consciously choose to be here 100%, in mind, body and spirit. Each moment I was fully present in what I was experiencing, the sensations, the emotional feelings, everything. I (even my mind!) was only there, no where else.

The weekend was special, it was my beloved’s birthday, and I love to celebrate birthdays! What a wonderful thing, the day this cherished being chose to come into this reality! I took him to Austin to the hotel where we fell in love at a dinner that Joe Vitale gave a little over 2 years ago. We had no idea what a truly luxurious, first class place it was! We had a river view room, with a view of the downtown skyline, the river and a private balcony. We could see this amazing view even from the bed, so all night I would wake up and just drink in the lights and beauty and sigh as I drifted off to sleep. The bed was sumptuous, the service was outstanding, the food was excellent. Champagne, strawberries and chocolate delivered ot the room….bliss.

We were pampered at Viva Day Spa with a couples retreat, , hours of sauna, massage, scrubs, and vanilla coconut body butter wraps….mmmmmm. I totally melted into my body, feeling everything the therapist was doing with total focus. Enjoying and appreciating, letting go. We ate succulent and mouth watering mixes of flavors and cuisines at Mars Restaurant. We laid by the pool, bright blue sky, overlooking the lake. The water was refreshing, the sun was warm and rejuvenating on my body. The breakfast buffet had fine French cheeses, fresh juicy fruits and anything else you can imagine. I closed my eys and melted completely into every bite. “I love this moment, I love this moment” I thought.

We had a blast with friends at Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant, with an unparalleled waiter; RC (yes, like the cola!). Exceptional food, drinks, service…more to celebrate, more to enjoy…We ended up at the jazz club The Elephant room…more to feel deeply, sensations to roll through my body, my mind and my soul. The intensity of the joy I felt kept escalating, I felt as if i would burst with the joy of the moments…one more delightful than the next. “I love this moment…”

The last day we snuggled in bed and watched the view after a delectable breakfast. I felt Chris’ warm skin near me, his arms around me, the soft bed linens enfolding me, the cool breeze caressing me, the view candy for my eyes. I relaxed into it, savoring every ounce of sensation and joy from the last hour we had there. I focused totally on this moment, the feeling, the happiness bubbling over inside me…thinking only “I love this moment, I love this moment”.

When we got home we had a flavorful and fun Thai dinner with friends, more joy, celebrating, fun…what a life I have! What am amazing reality I have chosen, allowed into my experience and am now truly appreciating and enjoying to the core of my being. I have had great times before, the reason this was multi dimensional, truly out of this works, was me. I was all their, in a happy state. I deserved it, i appreciated it, I chose it, I saw it, I allowed it and i shared it. Do it now, life is so phenomenal, don’t miss another moment by being somewhere else in your thoughts or mind. Be aware now and bliss out!!

To your bliss, Nan

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