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work hard vs work smart; act from inspiration, get help

By May 2, 2008 Blog

Lots of great comments and conversation going on the blog “Can you achieve your goals without being a workaholic?” Check them out and add yours!

Rhonda shared that she gets caught up in working a lot to get her own business going and get to a point where her husband can quit his job. Many of us do this, We want to achieve something and so we are willing to sacrifice for awhile to get it. Is this bad? Well, everyone has their own path, creates their own reality and I have done this many times. There is no wrong or right, only what feels right for you. However, keep an eye on the harmony ( I prefer this to ‘balance’ , as I agree with james Ray, we are never in balance, there is always something we want to focus on more than others at different moments in time, and that is natural) and joy in your life. If you are able to do this for awhile and still be inspired, joyful and happy, go for it. The point is not to not do anything, it is to do what inspires you. Lining up with who you are, what you truly desire and then acting from that place of inspiration, passion and excitement is a whole different way to live than what most people do.

John suggests EFT: emotional freedom technique, which I agree is very powerful. The key is use your tools, if you don’t feel you have any, learn some, ask someone who looks like their life is working, they are happy, love what they do, stay energized and present in life. Meditation is the most powerful tool I know. I know some believe it seems passive, but like lining up with your energy and your passion gives you more results in less action, mediation is your rocket fuel. Just a few minutes a day beings inner peace, clarity, energy, inspired ideas and so much more. You can also “program” your mind with positive, empowering thoughts that help you naturally believe and achieve your goals in meditation. Try “Relax n Achieve Prosperity”. Visualizing and creating the feeling of what you want to create is the way to manifest what you want in your life. I suggest “Joyful Creating”…being in a state of happiness while seeing and feeling what it will be like when you have what you want is a recipe for success. Next week I will finally release the :“Heart Breath Manifestation” technique. This is the most powerful meditation I have experienced yet. Using your heart as it was intended, as a generator to bring your visions into your 3-D reality is energizing and powerful!

Here is my response to Rhonda and Johns comments. Enjoy your day. Feel how much more flavor life has when your are ‘being’ in each moment . Savor it, and do what YOU want this weekend! To your joy, Nan

Rhonda and John,
Thanks for being a part of this conversation. I appreciate both of you sharing. One thing I do beleive, and have not mentioned yet, is that I am talking about the feeling that many people have that thye have to work “hard”. I am not at all against getting inspired, being passionate about what you do and following that passion through. I find there are times when I “work” many hours on a project that I am inspired by. When I am tuned in and on fire, it does not feel lke work, it is not hard. It flows and it is fun. So the point may not only be the amount of hours, but whether we are lined up with what we are doing, and enjoying it. It is much easier, and more fun, when we do it from a place where we want to do it, almost, ‘have’ to do it, it is such a strong and exciting impulse inside of us. I love those moments, those times. They can last awhile too.
Doing what we are passionate about and what expands and inspires us is a big key in the equation.
I also love EFT and use it and teach it, and find it very helpful to release emotional attachments to what i am doing or outcomes, or others attitudes and actions.
Lastly I am a huge proponent of getting help, outsourcing, finding others who are excellent at something that I am not and doing only what i am good at and passionate about. Many people think they can’t afford’ help, however, I encourage everyone to re-examine that and be creative. Pay on commission, trade, pay a % of the profits and other ways to get help and keep costs down.
Great conversation, thanks
Enjoy the moment!

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