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Money, what do you beleive about it?

By May 5, 2008 Blog

Last week I wrote 4 posts about working hard , health issues and doing less, working smart from inspiration and what is your “why”. What people believe about money seems to be as big or a bigger issue than whether or not you believe you have to work hard to achieve your goals and make money. These are intertwined and most people have many beliefs and past experiences regarding work and money and time, that do not serve them any more.

I am going to share a small part of a long comment I posted about the conversation that was going on on the blog entitled “Can you achieve your goals without becoming a workaholic?” I suggest you go read all the comments, as they form an interesting, and at times heated discussion.

My post includes things I believe about money and hard work.

The INSPIRED ACTION for today is:

Look at your beliefs about money.

As you can see from the comments on this blog, we all have ideas about money that were formed when we were young, as well as ones that we took on as adults in different situations. Our beliefs about money, like whether it is good or bad, hard to make, we have to work hard to get it and so on, are the key to creating your own reality in this area. Remember you have the choice of what you think and believe. What you think and believe creates your world, your day to day life.

Look at what you think about money, where you think you go that idea and is it serving you? Write this down and then ponder it, meditate on it, and then decide what you want to believe now. Write down the beliefs you want now about money, the ones that will make it fun and easy to have and get and appreciate.

Tomorrw i will give you some powerful money beliefs and reasons to change your current ones.

Have a prosperous day!  Nan

“…The power is in your own mind, your own heart. The beginning is belief. If you quote things that others told you to believe, then you may want to see why you feel they are true for you. Do they serve you? Do they create o joyful, abundant, wealthy, healthy, love filled life for you? If not, it is time to see why you believe them and decide to find your own beliefs and install those.

…I also believe wealth, riches, money, cash and any other name for it is energy. It is made from the exact same substance everything else, even our bodies, is made of. The MEANING we give it, the good or bad attitudes we put on it is completely our choice, in our own minds. MONEY IS NOT BAD. The belief money is bad/evil/not necessary and so on, makes so many people miserable. If you think having, wanting, enjoying, appreciating, making money is wrong or bad in any way, it will cause much emotional upset and conflict. Conflict within you as well as with those around you…
Money itself is neutral, it is here for our use, our joy, our pleasure, But because we are taught so many confusing, incorrect, emotionally charged attitudes about money, we judge ourselves and others over it. For not having enough, having too much, making it in the ‘wrong’ way, hoarding it, not saving it, giving it, not sharing it, what you do with it and on and on. If you look honestly within and around you, you will see that unless you have already addressed this in your life, you have emotional reactions, beliefs and judgments about money and yourself and others…”

Read the whole post here.

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