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I want money, now now now…

By May 9, 2008 May 10th, 2008 Blog

Did that push your buttons? Really, be honest! How did that title make you feel? Could you say “I want money , now, now, now” and feel good about it? Does it make you feel self conscious? Greedy?

All week we have been exploring money beliefs and whether they serve us. If you read the blogs on Monday we talked about what you believe about money, Tuesday about choosing powerful beliefs about money and Thursday about whether your loved ones support your money dreams.

Seeing how you react to statements about money, will help you root out your thoughts and beliefs about money. Most everyone has un-serving ideas about money, and in order to make, share, give, keep and grow the money you desire in your life, you have to come to peace with money. As we discussed last week, money itself is not happiness, yet living in this world , money is a part of life, and in order to have, do and be many of the things we all desire, money is required. We all seek happiness, that is the true root of all we strive for. Being happy with money and wanting and having money is about self worth and finding your true self, and your passions. But it can be fun to change. No guilt, no blame


Find your ‘hot buttons’ about money.

This can help you begin to let them go. It can be fun, you can make it fun and silly. Why not learn through fun and joy?

Just make it fun and see if you can really push your own buttons. Say things like “I want lots and lots of money” and “I love money and money loves me”…go on, I’ll bet you can come up with some really good ones! Let me know what they are!

Of course you can do this alone, but when you get more comfortable, do it with someone like minded. BE CAREFUL! Don’t do this with someone who will freak out and have their money issues dump all over your head! This is one thing you want to be sure your ‘partner’ is on the same wavelength and gets what you are doing. Otherwise they will suck all the fun out of it! So find your comfort level with money. Try out some crazy, outrageous statements about money and see how they make you feel. Do they bring up your parents, pastor or spouse in your head? Did someone you looked up to in life think wanting, having or spending money was bad? Find out…and have fun!