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The missing link in creating your life…

By May 27, 2008 Blog

“…you must line your vibration up to the vibration of money to have it in your life in the way you want it…money is vibration as are you…” Abraham Hicks

In the free preview call for the Spirit of Money teleclass we had last week, I discussed the “missing link” in why you are not getting what you want in your life. We were speaking most specifically about money, which most people have an issue with. However, I beleive this applies to all areas of life. Here is whatI think the missing link is:

Recognizing, and operating from the understanding and beleif that you are ENERGY. You are an energy system, everythign in this physical world and all dimensions and all through out the universe is energy. How often do you think form that perspective? How often do you feel, appreciate and recognize your power, your energetic bluepriint?

If you operated daily from the knowing that you are energy, that you create your life and everything in it, from money, to love, to food, to shoes, from thought energy, that turns into a thought form, which then attracts magnetically more energy and like thought forms…. You are literally a vortex of energy, giving birth to reality on a moment to moment basis. Nothing exists if it did not come through someone’s energy system as an idea, a passion, which then thought form and so on.

If money, or anything else you want, is also energy, then you interact with it on an energetic level. You are the creator of worlds, your intention focuses your thougths into actions, intents and then anything you need to make it happen shows up in your physical reality.

Here is an example of manifestaton:

energy system ->thought ->thought form ->belief ->emotions -> feelings ->raised vibration in your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)->inspired action -> noticing what you want is there -> living in it

INSPIRED ACTION: Tap in to your energy today, notice what you have going on in your body, mind, emotions. These are all energy vibrating at a certain rate. If you notice you can feel when you raise your vibration: you get excited, mad, have a hot flash and so on. Intentionally create a shift in your energy somewhere in your nody and notice it. Try different areas of your body and see how easy it becomes to influence yourself!

The key to ‘success’ is being aware of and learning to direct yourself as an energetic system, as well as all other forms of energy/. They are here for you to direct and use. That includes money, it is just energy. So begin today to access your true soul essence, and raise your vibration to match that which you want in your life, and you will see it show up so fast your head will spin!!

To hear the whole call on The Spirit of Money, go to bethespiritofmoney.com at the bottom of the page is a link to the audio, I think you will enjoy it!