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If you change, will people still like you?

By May 28, 2008 Blog

Interesting question, isn’t it? Most every one of us wants to change certain things in our lives, bodies or personalities. We change constantly, whether we like it or not.

“..we are “ever evolving, constantly changing eternal beings” as Abraham Hicks says.

So have you ever worried that if you make some changes you think are positive and beneficial for you, that the people around you won’t like it? I have rarely met anyone who has not had this thought.

If you are on a personal quest to better your life, increase your income, become more spiritual….you have met some resistance from the people around you. I can tell you I have seen this over and over, and I am seeing it now. Most people do not like change.  Most people want you to behave in a way that makes them comfortable. Many people want to tell others what to do, think, and how to act. It is only for their own reasons, not yours. Well, they really hate it when you change.

I will tell you a few things I have experienced, because some if it amazed me, but now, I know it is a normal course of life and since I am actively participating in an ongoing journey of self realization and empowerment, change is my middle name!

I had a daughter die 14 years ago. I was sad for a long time. About 3 years after I met a group pf wonderful women and began to meet with them several times a month. My twins were babies then, so I was also tired from that. They were loving, nurturing and fun to be with. After some time I met one lady who was very energetic and happy and we became good friends. After some time I came out of my depression and became the happy, energetic person I normally am. My friend was so glad for me and I lvoed to be with her because she was positive and empowered me to be happy and powerful. The other women, however, did not like the fact I was happy and feeling strong again. They began to not want to be around me as much, they even told me directly several times that I was too energetic and happy and that I needed to not act like that. Can you believe that??? I thought your friends were supposed to be glad and excited for you when you find joy, when you access new levels of personal power and new pathways of income that excite you. They did not. Eventually I stopped going, they were no longer fun, supportive or loving.

What I realized was they liked to nurture and take care of “wounded people”, those who needed them. Once you were self reliant, they felt they had nothing to give, and they were also very poverty conscious and did not like it if you said you wanted to make money. They felt that was not “spiritual”. Have you encountered this?

In the past year I have people in my life react to my more direct approach (yet still friendly and polite) as if I am being ‘abrupt’ and somehow rude. I find this interesting. What I see is that for most of my life, I have been the happy, easy going, don’t rock the boat, afraid to ask direct questions or point out things that might make someone uncomfortable person. Even peopel who are on a high powered personal development and spiritual path sometimes act like they are shocked because i am not longer willing to wait forever for answers or want to resolve things and discuss them so we can move.

I never wanted to be a “nag”, so you can not believe the amount of patience I have developed, so as not to have to confront people. My ex is passive aggressive and would never say “no, I am not doing that for you”, but he would just not do it. I bought curtains for my house, and asked softly “will you be able to put these up or should I get someone else?” He said, “I can do it” and then they sat there against the wall for 3 years! I had friends who thought I was nuts, not bugging him and waiting so long. But I did not want a fight and I did not want tobe a “nag”. Well, I see some people in my life now not liking that I want to talk directly and I say things how they are. I have to tell you too, I am still not an “in your face” person, I am still very happy and nice about it. But because it is DIFFERENT, for me, because they are used to me waiting forever, and not saing anything, they perceive attitudes and emotions that are not there, from me anyway. I do not wish to wait for 2 weeks, or 8 months for a response from people, if it is important to them, they will respond, if no they won’t and I am going to ask. That is honoring myself as well as them, even if they do not like the way it feels at first. This is not to push my opinions on others, it is to respect myself, and so I intend to do it in a kind way, but not avoid it.

Inspired Concepts for an “INNER POWERED” Life:

1. Do not worry so much about what others think, they are in charge of their own realities and emotions and  if they feel something, it is their responsibility.

2. Be responsible for your own reality and emotions, do not blame others for how you feel. Be the person you want to be, be kind, loving happy AND speak your mind directly.

3. Honor yourself and others by communicating in a timely and direct yet compassionate manner. It is vital and if some people do not like it, talk it over see if you can line up.

4. Be honest with yourself about who you choose to have in your life. You decide if they are right for your life or not. If they are in alignement with who you are now, you will know it, if they are not let them go on their way. DO NOT JUDGE. They are either feeling good to you and on the same wavelength, or not. It is not good or bad, but it is important for you to choose who you surround yourself with.

4. Always stay true to your self. Continue on your path and let others come and go, Do not try to hold on to them change them or force them to go where you are going. Honor others unique choices, as well as your own. Enjoy every moment!

More tomorrow on Poverty Consciousness and what to do when you become empowered in the area of money and it makes those around you uncomfortable!

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