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Being Money Empowered vs Poverty Consciousness

By May 29, 2008 Blog

Yesterday I talked about making changes in yourself and your life and how other people react and feel about it. The key is that, w need to get to where we do not give any power to other people’s opinions. This does not mean we do not act politely or respect others, just that we realize WE are the ONLY ones who know what’s RIGHT FOR US! No one else ever knows what is best for us, or how we feel or what we want. We have to take charge of our lives and how we feel, what we think and what we choose to see and experience in our lives. This includes our attitudes about money, cash, wealth, prosperity, cashflow, income, riches and anything to do with the vibration surrounding these concepts.

Yes, these are all concepts, and money is energy. So why do so many people have Poverty Consciousness? What to do when you become empowered in the area of money and LIVE FROM A MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS and it makes those around you uncomfortable?

Well, for starteers you mjust get an idea of where you are. So you start with seeing how you feel about money. Think about money, getting it, having it, others having it and so on, like we discussed in the blog                     This seems simple, but is so powerful, because you have beleifs, thoughts, and emotionally charged experiences and attitudes about money and you need to know where you stand. The reason is, that like anything else, you cannot attract, create, enjoy, and experience something that you feel negatively about and have a joyful experience. Of course, you CAN get what you focus on in a fearful and negative way, but do you want to ? No! Because if you feel negatively about it, you will have a negative experience. I know people with LOTS of money, so law of attraction works even with negative feelings, but they do not enjoy it. They hold on to it in fear and have all kinds of issues and relationship problems because of their attitudes about money.

We want joyful, positive, powerful experiences. With money and anything else. So we want to choose positive, supportive, joyful attitudes and  beleifs about money.


1. Feel and accept you are the powerful creator of your life

2. Choose to release old money beleifs and adopt new ones…test yourself and write down your feelings

3. Choose to be around people with positive, powerful beleifs about money and do not empower anyone who has a negative attitude about money

4. Begin to make friends with money, see and feel yourself having fun with money and all it can help you create and give and enjoy in life. NO GUILT ALLOWED!

5. Use postive statements of limitless potential about money and choose to believe them

6  Watch for money to show up in your lifr in delightful ways and Celebrate it when it does (even if you only find a penny, celebrate!)

7. Listen to the FREE audio on The Spirit of Money at BetheSpiirtofMoney.com and hear what ‘the voice of money’ has to say

Get your unsupportive beliefs about money cleared and receive a powerful energetic money attunement at the Spirit of Money class, starting next week, June 3. BetheSpiritofMoney.com.  Sign up now and start your powerful co creation with money now!

Tomorrow: Identify unresolved issues around money and certain people and situations; past present and future that you still have emotion about and are giving energy to.