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Stuck? allow your energy to move and change

By May 31, 2008 Blog

Identify unresolved issues AND ‘KNOTS’ OF STUCK ENERGY around money and certain people and situations; past present and future that you still have emotion about and are giving energy to.

“Energy can only exist if it is in motion and changing.”          Rhonda Byrnes “The Secret”

As we have been discussing, you and I are pure positive energy. Our houses, food, couches and cars are energy. All life exists as a constant ballet of energy in motion, changing forms, blending with other forms of energy, separating, creating new forms, vibrations and on and on. It is a beautiful dance….unless we start to give it meaning and begin to resist the change and movement.

Getting”stuck” is a saying, and yet very real in many ways! We tend to block the natural flow of energy when we get caught up in judging, out of alignment with loving ourselves and therefore others,  and not appreciating and honoring who we really are; powerful creators of worlds.

So as energy in flow, we need to be always allowing our thoughts, feelings and intentions to evolve, with us, as our experiences change us, so too does our energetic vibrations. Money, being energy, is in constant flow, changing hands, forms and interacting with so so many other forms of energy. In order to allow it to flow, change and move in our lives, we have to open our blocks to allow that free flow.

One way to get ‘stuck” energy in our systems, is to not let go of and fully complete or release perceived negative experiences that involve money. Money is so emotionally charged in our society, so we all have had experiences in our lives that we have left hanging out there unresolved.  As I have been receiving information for the Spirit of Money teleclass (starting June 3), I have been guided to resolve past, present, and yes, even future, ‘knots’ of “stuck” energy with people and situations that have to do in any way with money.
Having ‘knots’ of stuck energy in your system can be as simple as you still being mad at the bully that stole your lunch money, all the way to feeling humiliated by divorce, bankruptcy or other “major” financial disaster. It can being hurt by your friend who did not pay you back for money, or knowing someone misunderstood your actions and assumed you owe them some money. Debt is a block, an energetic ‘knot’. There are so many potential places to have these small or large ‘knots’, that as we begin to be aware of them and truly make huge transformations in our experiences.


Look into your life and see that even the smallest one of these unresolved situations can be holding your financial flow from reaching you in it’s fullest, most glorious abundance.

Sit quietly and think of at least 3 people in your past or present life experience that immediately brings up a negative feeling about money. It can be a big deal like an ex-spouse that got what you feel is more than their fair share in a divorce, or it can be a raise you did not get at work. Anything that has the least bit of ‘pull’ when you think of them and money.

Now feel and focus on the vibration of that ‘knot’ of stuck energy. Feel how energy is unable to flow, move, be fluid and change. Like a knot in a rope. You have held on to it, given it meaning and so it is clenched and staying in that spot. Even if it is a long time ago and you don’t think of it often, it is there. Notice where in your body you feel it and see if you can identify a color, shape or movement (pulsing, sharp piercing, heavy sickness in stomach…). As you pay attention to it, allow it to loosen and begin to move.

Now see a green and gold light pouring in to that area, glistening and luminous. See it filling up that area, so much so that it is gently pushing the negative feeling out. It is filing it with love, joy forgiveness, blessings, abundance, joy, until there is no longer any room for the negative.

Choose to release it or resolve it in some way now. That can involve talking to the person or just doing within yourself. You will know which way is right.

I have done 4 of these this week. I actually spoke to the people. Then inside of me I blessed, loved, and released it, saw the energy knot dissolving and the flow being restored. You are realigning with the positive power of money. You are letting go of the judgment and blame and deciding not to feed it anymore with the energetic power of your thoughts and emotions.

Now , notice what happens after becoming aware of these and clearing just 3…you will begin to see others start to resolve themselves spontaneously! Stay aware and intend that you choose to rleease these, known and unknown, past , present, and FUTURE! Because time is circluar (spiral), multidimensional and we can go any direction in it, why not also clear the ‘future’ knots, so you don’t have to live them?!

Isn;t stepping in to our energy and playing with it fun? Enjoy the extra energy you now have available to you, because you are not giving it to these knots to keep them alive!

Come experience this and so much more at The Spirit of Money teleclass!

One Comment

  • Nan – beautifully written! I did 3 clearings just now as you recommended and I feel wonderful. One resolved with my forgiveness of myself and receiving forgiveness from the other person (which they had already done ‘in real life’ yet I still felt guilt). The other resolved by my willingness to suspend judgment of two prominent teachers during my childhood, with the understanding that they merely taught me what they believe to be true. And now that I am all grown up, I am free to make up my own mind about money, in a manner guided by spirit, independent of past experiences or the opinions and judgments of others.

    Thank you for a beautiful clearing!! Can’t wait to start our Spirit of Money class together on Tuesday! http://BeTheSpiritOfMoney.com