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I want to be a part of (this) with all my heart and soul…

By June 2, 2008 Blog

What is the Spirit of Money? How to you tune in to it and allow money to flow easily and joyfully in your life? How do you make money an ally? How do you live a wealthy, joyful life with ease and grace?

The Spirit of Money Teleclass starts tomorrow, June 3, and it promises to be truly groundbreaking, transformative and well…come join us and see!

Here is what one participant said:

I have just finished listening to the Preview  Audio of ‘Be the Spirit of Money‘. I was absolutely blown away. You have given me some invaluable tips that I can start to implement already. Everything you both said just made SO much sense.I want to be a part of your June 3 course with all my heart and soul.

This is just ONE of MANY emails I have been receiving from people who have listened to the preview call and signed up for the Spirit ofMoney teleclass starting tomorrow June 3.

In only 2 weeks we have had people sign up from over 7 countries! Including Sweden, Mexico,  Canada, South Africa, Australia, France, USA and more…

More comments from students:
“My wife just called, and she received a promotion and $5/hr raise she has been waiting for for three months. How is that for a confirmation?”

Another person who signed up for the class emailed to say this:”Again thanks, there’s no doubt that my life has somehow changed ever since the preview call last week.”

Wow. This is shaping up to be one of the most powerful prosperty classes ever experienced…and it is an experience. You will not just be listening, you will be doing, releasing, changing at a cellular level and so much more!

And there’s still time for you to become a part of it!

Class starts this Tuesday — and you recieve some amazingly powerful bonuses!

Are you ready to join in on what promises to be a wildly enlightening ride?
Sign up now:http://bethespiritofmoney.com/

Check your fears at the door and
come on in!

To your joyful wealth!

Nan Akasha