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happiness is a sense-ational experience

By June 5, 2008 Blog

“happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude” Denis Waitley

I gave my love a card that said this. He has the most loving, gracious, fun, joyful energy. I am attuning more and more to finer frequencies and merging with different vibrations. I love his. His vibration brings joy to my every cell. He is a truly beautiful being, and I appreciate so much being with someone who is happy. Who appreciates, and who truly does live each moment with Love…Grace and Gratitude!

Being with someone like this means I am also in that vibration, the energy of happiness! Frequencies have to line up in order to co-exist and co-create. Interesting to think about, it’s kind of like you have to “be” what you enjoy, what you want in another and what you want to experience.

It’s all about experiences, we are vibrational beings, we are energy systems and we blend, merge and are in constant motion with other energies. I was thinking of the saying “we are spiritual beings having a human experience” and i thought now we are “vibrational beings having a sense-sational experience” we are interpreters and receivers of sensation, feelings, harmonic frequencies, vibrations.


Choose the frequencies you want to merge with, you are in control of what you feel and what you choose to experience.

IS it love and laughter, grace and peace, or appreciation and gratitude? Do you want fun, powerful, confident relationships, romantic and kind ones, or challenging and intense ones?

Tune in to your own energy, feel a part of your body and focus on it until you feel the tingling, the vibrational energy that is you. Then tune in to other ‘things’…energy systems, a tree or flower in your yard, your cat or dog, a statue or money. It is all energy and you get to choose what you merge with….so “choose wisely” as they say in Indiana Jones 3!

So to me Happiness is love, grace, gratitude …yes, AND it is a ‘sensational’ (as in senses) experience, it is something we exISt IN… experience through multi-dimensional senses and enjoy most with others! Go tune in to some happiness now, join the party and feel the GOOD VIBRATIONS!


  • Oza Meilleur says:

    Bonjour Nan!

    I so enjoyed reading your post…what a wonderful relationship you have with your partner.

    I’m looking forward to having one of my own very soon…my heart and soul and arms are open to him. It took me years to learn to understand why I wasn’t comfortable in a relationship…and years to learn to love myself, as well. So now I’m ready. If it’s the Universe’s will for me to meet someone, then I’ll be totally blessed. But if it’s my karma to be alone, I accept it because I’ve never been happier than I am at the moment. I am truly grateful for all that I have…it is a sense-ational feeling indeed. 🙂

    Big hugs and lots of love,
    Mudd a.k.a. Oza

  • Chris says:

    I’m so thrilled that we are tuned to each other love. Kiss kiss.

  • Nan says:

    I am so pleased to here you say you are happier now than you have ever been! That is how I was when I met my beloved! I was happy, and full of life and energy and so positive about everything and not looking for anyone, just enjoying life to the fullest!
    I have found that when we are in that state, pure joy and trust wondrous things happen for us!
    What I would say is look for it, what ever it is you love and enjoy, each day. Expect for fantastic things to happen all the time, every day! They do, and when we are tuned to notice them, life is fun and magical!
    I also believe we are the ones who create our reality, so I would say you get to choose if you want a relationship and if so, do not hesitate, image it, feel it and it will come. ALL POSSIBILITIES always exist all around you, the universe wants for you to have what YOU want, so get excited, it’s on the way of you truly decide you want it!!!
    Love and joy, Nan