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Always know what is true for you

By June 6, 2008 Blog

We all live our own realities, have our own perceptions, and experience our lives and our truths uniquely. No two of us have the same feelings or ideas or desires. This is wonderful, and yet, in our society we often try to “fit in” with other people’s beliefs, and what they think is right or wrong. Everyone from our parents, teachers, education system and churches, jobs and so on, tries to tell us a code of conduct and a set of beliefs that THEY think WE should follow. The thing is, NO ONE but ourselves knows what is right for us. And we DO know, we just may never have been taught to tune in to our own inner voice and to learn how to “tesyt” for our own truth in different situations.

In the AWESOME Spirit of Money class, going on now (today is the LAST day you can register…check it out..BetheSpiritofMoney.com ), one thing we are discussing and teaching is how to test for your own truth so you never have to trust anyone else’s opinion. This is a very important skill. We want to always be knowing what is right for us, and not be asking everyone else. When you learnt o tune in to your inner purpose, you get clarity of untold power!

Here is a post I made on our Spirit of Money forum for class participants, it discusses some methods to test for your own truth.

“I personally love the pendulum. I spent years doing radionics (vibrational healing and testing) and learned from a very meticulous woman who was a serious task master at the pendulum at getting it right, and clear as a bell. So my advice with the pendulum is as follows:
1. Get a metal one, preferably stainless steel, but copper etc is ok as well. Be aware that when you are very skilled you can use almost anything in a pinch, but to get the clearest information, you need a pendulum form a substance that is not something that take son vibrations. Crystal pendulums are very inaccurate..crystal is known for its conductive qualities, that is why it is used in electronics etc and people use them for healing, they can be programmed easily and take on the intent and vibration of the person.

2. When you use a pendulum or anything, you have to be sure you are very clear!! Meaning, you can not have an emotional attachment to the answer, or you will influence it. Practice relaxing and letting go of all thoughts or feelings about the question before you ask

3. Beofre you begin to ask, first ask “I would like a connection with ___ (this can be whatever you are testing, if it is another person say theri name, if it is you say your name, if it is a vitamin you wan tot know if you need say the vitamin…). It is very very helpful to touch the object you are testing, ie: the other person, you, or the vitamin bottle. If it is abstract , write it down, look at it, focus on it and touch it with the finger of your other hand. Make sure you have the permission to test for whatever it is by getting a “yes” for having a connection first, then proceed with the question, and do the same with the questions, touch them to make a connection and help keep focus.

4. Make sure your question is clear, specific yet open. Phrase it so it is obvious there is one answer and focus on the question as you ask. Always say something like “for my highest good, or is this optimal, or what is the 100% best for me at this time” the time factor is a key that is very important. If your question is vague and you do not say “for me at this time” or “right now”, you are asking an open question that could mean whenever and that does not zero in on what you want right now

Alternatively muscle testing is very accurate, very easy, and very good for beginners.
My suggestion is to always be tuning in to your inner voice and let that be your best guide overall, cultivate it even if you use one of these other methods. Learn them all and really get tuned in to your unending flow of information!

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