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By June 7, 2008 Blog

I wanted to share with you a participants experiences in our Spirit of Money class. (We were supposed to close registration today, but we got 2 new sign ups and more requests, so if you still want to join us, you can hear the first 2 classes as recordings and be ready for the next class this coming Tuesday…go to BetheSpiritofMoney.com ). As you can see, the information is powerful, practical, usable and gives immediate results! Come join us and merge with the spirit of money and let the “dragons” of fear go!!

Hi Amy

Thank you very much for co-creating the wonderful Spirit Of Money program.  I love the live classes (I listen via web cast), the bonuses, how quickly you have the replays available, and the clarity, fun and power of the information and tools you are sharing with us.

I listened to a the replay of last night’s call and did the exercise again today.  This time the stuck energy showed up as a hissing and spitting dragon, who I thanked for serving me and it dissolved into pure light.  This is so much fun.

Thank you again.  I am loving where I am at and excited for what is coming next.  You mentioned that you would cover the topic of how manifesting does not have to be hard work nor take a long time to happen, so I am looking forward to that one.

Love & Gratitude

Hi Nan

Thank you very much for taking inspired action and bringing together the Spirit Of Money Teleclass. I love the live classes, the bonuses and all the great info and methods you and Amy are sharing with us.

I really appreciate the Reboot Your Inner Money Machine activation. I am doing it every day and each time it is more fun and powerful. I love the feeling of being merged with the Spirit Of Money and how wonderful it is to be aware of that alignment throughout my day. Last night when I did it before the Session 2 call, I was standing on a beach with Lakshmi in front of me when all of my inner personalities, ie inner child, inner mother, inner father, student, pauper and inner millionaire, etc all showed up to stand beside me and connect heart to heart with Lakshmi too. That was fabulous.

I love where I am at and am excited for what is coming next.

Love & Gratitude

You can still join us and love where you are and be excited for what is coming next too! BetheSpiritofMoney.com

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