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Angry With Money?

By June 11, 2008 Blog

I got feedback from a client who is using the “Reboot your Inner Money Machine” Activation and Spirit of Money class participant today. Wow, it is so awesome! The reboot activation really shifted her vibration and loosened up a lot of stuff! She went through falling asleep, then

“:my whole body began to tingle for almost the whole thing – I felt a buzz. Since then nothing. Almost iritation after listening the next 2 times. I decided to just listen to it as I made dinner and then all this came at me ……..” She has a HUGE breakthrough where as she realized she was very ANGRY with money! All the facets and emotions that come pouring out if her were an astounding clearing and opening!

She is doing such a Great job!

Here is what I responded to her..you may want to cheek this out too, it is really creating amazing breakthrough’s!
1. YES it is very normal to sleep on and off or all te time in meditations and activations. The ideas and energies are still going in and having an affect…as we can see! Don;t struggle ever against that, you are always aware on some level.
2. I am so pleased you kept pushing through, kept doing the activation thru the irritaion phase, it is so great! Keep it up, our energy shifts in phases and things clear without us even knowing what it is!
3. Have a huge tantrum! I love that! Feel the feeling fully and it will lose it’s power over you, I absolutely love what came out of you ! Now you can release all the pent up anger/energy and move to a new level of vibration with money! Keep feeling what you feel focus in to it, and let it go, know that no matter what you feel you are going thru the process and it is dissolving, imagine the anger between you and money, dissolving, melting, flowing away and turning back into pure positive energy. When you get to the point where you feel and ‘see’ it mostly all gone, you will begin to have the energy to CHOOSE new thoughts, and emotions about money.
4. finally, when you feel ready, start a time when you image for yourself what feelings, thoughts and relationship you would consider ideal for you with money. Don’t try to rush past the anger, it is real good to let that process as it needs and then move into this as you feel ready. Use your truth testing method. Begin to dimpley be willing to consider there is a positive, happy, fun, easy relationship with money and it will being to line up with you, as you release the anger.

Be kind and easy with yourself, allow yourself to feel what you feel with no guilt or frustration. Just be with it, go in to your “sensations” of your energy in your body and just BE.
Excellent opening!