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Feel your way…

By June 16, 2008 June 23rd, 2008 Blog

I have spent a wonderful 3 days with amazing, generous, loving and open people, exploring our connection to source and playing with receiving information direct from source, our inner voice…whatever you call it

It has been such a wondrous energy , so many heart openings, so much mind and energy field expansions, it is how I would love to live every day!

You can find your own truth, you can always be in touch with the voice within you, divine intelligence, source energy…. this is how life is meant to be lived! Tuning in to the energy of yourself, other people and things and the universe is the way to flow with the stream of life. Knowing YOUR TRUTH, is vital. Not  what others think is right for you, but your own personal truth .

In our spirit of money class, we first teach how to test yourself for your own truth. It is called “truth testing methods” we teach 4, and there are more.

The best is knowing who you are, what you want and feeling your way along to the right places, people and actions. Tune in to your own vibration and follow what feels good!