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Hear what people are saying!

By June 19, 2008 Blog

Wow! See here what people are saying who have used the
Reboot Your Inner Money Machine” the Energetic Re-tuning Audio Activation...it is transforming lives and cashflow!

“I really appreciate the Reboot Your Inner Money Machine activation. I am doing it every day and each time it is more fun and powerful. I love the feeling of being merged with the Spirit Of Money and how wonderful it is to be aware of that alignment throughout my day…fabulous. I love where I am at and am excited for what is coming next.”

Hi Nan, I am having great fun with the ‘Reboot Your Inner Money Machine’, every time I use it is different and I never know what to expect! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You give great answers that feel positive and empowering.  Love & Gratitude…”

Want to know what she knows, has experienced? You can!

About my third time listening to it my whole body began to tingle for almost the whole thing – I felt a buzz.If you want to make friends with Money…I decided to just listen to it as I made dinner and then all this came at me …….   (private breakthrough of huge proportions!)”

That’s just a few of MANY that are releasing their limiting beliefs and tuning in to the flow of Money! Be in the “flow” with the energy of wealth/cash/riches….

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This Powerful Audio Activation opens the floodgates to your worthiness and your wealth, It literally infuses you with magnetic energies. “An avalanche of un-serving money beliefs fall away…Hear the voice of money, merge with the Spirit of Money. Become a money machine.”
“This recording is absolutely incredible. The changes i feel are amazing. I cannot explain the
gratitude I have for you sharing this. Amazing!”

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To our new relationship withMoney!–
Nan Akasha

PS We just announced a new level of the Spirit of Money class:

Living the Spirit of Money:: Enter the Phase of Integration

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