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Living the Spirit of Money: Enter the phase of Integration

By June 20, 2008 Blog

Wow! The Spirit of Money class has had more breakthroughs, more amazing clearings and more “AHA’s” than anything I have done before! Now, as the class is heading in to it’s last 2 sessions we are excited to offer a new one night only class about how to LIVE in the spirit of money on a daily basis!

On July 15th Amy Scott Grant of newsuccess.org and I will faciliate a whole new level of integration with the energy of Money. Check out the details here: http://bethespiritofmoney.com/integration/

~ Meet your personal money management team and let them do the work for you!

~ Infuse your cells with the key codes of Living the Spirit of Money

~ The Secret on how to actually live from the space of abundance in money will reveal itself

~ Daily routines that slip you easily into the well spring of money

We will take all you have done, learned, wanted and focused on around money and show you how to live in the flow day to day and enjoy life as you were meant to!

Go to bethespiritofmoney.com/integration

Why not Enter the phase of Integration with Money now
you only have frustration, pain and poor results to lose!?