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June Newsletter Create Your Life Now

By June 24, 2008 May 18th, 2018 Blog

HI …well June has been a wonderful month…I see you all enjoying the summer as well! Tweens at home is a new and interesting experience! The Spirit of Money class has been an amazing and expansive ride…and it’s not over yet! We have a new class, one night only coming out in July and group coaching and much more!

ENERGY..that’s the name of the game, it’s all about energy, yours, mine, the Multi-verses, Divine energy, money energy, self esteem is energy, love is energy …vibrating in tune with the things you desire is what life is all about. Here are lots of resources for doing just that!!!

In this Newsletter:

~ Living the Spirit of Money: Enter the phase of integration

~ Change Your Destiny Today: free gifts and success secrets!

~ Energy of self esteem: the core of living a life you love! More free gifts!

~ Ever wanted to open the floodgates to your worthiness and your wealth?

~ Favorite Articles

Living the Spirit of Money: Enter the phase of integration

Energy has been the number one theme in my life in all areas for many, many years. The last few months a whole new phase of distinction and fine tuning in energy has flooded my life. It has been wonderful!! The energy, or Spirit of Money has become a very real presence for me and the experiences and we have all made, the class, my partner in teaching Amy Scott Grant and I has taken off to totally new realms of vibration.

You have never experienced money this way, and believe me, neither have I! It will take your fears, anger and frustration with money and release them, give you tools and support to move into the level of merging with money in a happy way and make money your friend! Check out the one night only class, on July 15th; click here

The Spirit of Money class has been such a rousing success that we will be offering it again in September. See the bethespiritofmoney.com for details.

Change Your Destiny Today: free gifts and success secrets!

You know I am all about energy and tapping in to it, right? Well Sandra Taylor has a new book called “Secrets of Success” which I thought might be of interest to you. I have partnered with Hay House to get the word out about this inspirational new title and I am thrilled to offer you a special free gift when you purchase “Secrets of Intelligence”. I hope you will enjoy it! For more information on this exciting new book and all of the related gifts from Hay House and their partners, please continue reading.


Are you intrigued by the Laws of Attraction, yet not quite sure how to access their power? Well, you are not alone! This life-changing book reveals the truth about how consciousness and energy really work in the world. It’s your full life force—not just your individual intention—that creates results. This unique approach unlocks your quantum psychology and offers the keys that will open you up to a future of abundance and joy.

You will also tap into one of the best-kept secrets of success—your connection with the presence and energy of Spirit! Learn how to sharpen your intuition and get loving assistance from the realm of Spirit. Discover dozens of simple ways to align your own energy field with the driving force of the cosmos. The world of endless possibilities is awaiting you—Secrets of Success can open that door!

Purchase your copy today! You’ll receive amazing free gifts from Hay House and our sponsors with your purchase AND you can enter to win a free trip to the I Can Do It! conference in Tampa. For additional details, visit: http://promos.hayhouse.com/taylor/062408email/

Energy of self esteem: the core of living a life you love!

Get my Bonus: “Empower Your Inner Money Magnet” Audio: Value $37 FREE, plus More Than $10,000 in Bonuses

I know from personal experience how low self love, self worth, self esteem can be the biggest block to your abundant, joyful life! In fact, if you don’t get the energy of loving who you are lined up with what you truly want, very little will be able to get in to your life that you want. It is like an invisible fence that prevents you from seeing and receiving that which you desire most in all areas of life!

I really like Dr. Joe Rubino’s vision of raising the self-esteem level of 20 million people.