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Energy and money related?

By June 25, 2008 Blog

Clearing, releasing, cleansing, opening to flow, letting go of attachments, unsticking blocks…all these are about energy.

This week we are discussing energy, that we are energy systems and that tuning in to our own vibration is the key to creating the reality we want. Since we are energy, when we take time to notice how we feel, in different moods, situations and places, we can then more easily shift how we feel, and the easily line up with what we want.

Let’s use money as an example, since I am teaching the Spirit of Money class, and am about to do the “Living the Spirit of Money: Enter the phase of integration” , (July 15th)  it is fascinating to see the financial changes that occur when people clear their stuck energies and tune in to the flow of money.

Wondering why energy and money would have anything to do with each other? Well Hale Dwoskin of the Sedona Method says ““Knowing how to release during financially challenging times is literally a lifesaver.” …or anytime, right!?

Energy that does not flow is fear, fear contracts, restricts, prevents, blocks, shuts down, denies and constricts…basically it cuts off flow. Flow is life, life force is spiritual energy that must flow in order to maintain or grow. We are always changing and fluctuating, and in order to make good choices about money, we have to have an openness, a joy, a feeling of friendliness in order to allow it to flow and to line up with it.

Sit and think about money. How does it make you feel? See and sense where you feel it, and allow your attention to it to be soft and neutral, then thank it and begin to see and feel a flow of light and energy enter your field Invite it to clear, cleanse and heal all “stuck”, unserving and out of sync energies you have in your field about money.

Begin to feel money is your ally and it is a stream of happy energy flowing all the time, tune in to it, invite it in to your field and feel good.

As you feel the energy begin to flow, the pains or stuck parts loosen, realize you will have clarity and insight, intuition and opportunity show up easily when you clear your negative energy  in regards to money,

Checkout the “reboot your inner money machine” Activation, as well as the “Unleash Your Limitless Potential for Prosperity” Audios to help you tune in to the energy and mindset of positive money flow!