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Group Money Coaching is all about what you need!

By June 27, 2008 Blog

WOW! The Spirit of Money class has just ended, and it was absolutely phenomenal!!! Truly a one of a kind experience!

The GOOD NEWS is: we are starting a group coaching on The Spirit of Money in only a few days…July 2!! And it is ALL about YOU! Personalized and amazing…

go here to see if it is for you: http://bethespiritofmoney.com/groupcoaching/

Here’s a little about it, but check out the site:

We have added 3 awesome bonuses to the group coaching, go to http://bethespiritofmoney.com/groupcoaching/ to see, they are worth $330!!

Here’s a few things we will be doing in the coaching:
** Meeting and working with your personal money management team (unseen energetic guides)
1. Opening: you open yourself for change, willingness to let go and become a new you etc
2. Clearing: you release/clear and so on
3. refueling; you tap in to your energy structure, you set up energy systems with unseen forces and guides etc that enhance your energy, cleanse it, add what you want to it, you become familiar with it, keep in tuning in with it and raise your vibration consciously. You set up systems that automatically keep you clear, clean, etc
4. Charging up: You power up your energy field, you do things, and set up systems that keep you aware, high and open to opportunities, magnetize to you easily activations
5.*** Creating your blueprint: They will each choose and clearly define the way they want to relate to money, how they want to feel and function and how they want money to come to them, their own”money game” so to speak, then we will help them do this , see how it will be very individual without us coaching each person individually
Hope to see you in the coaching and the classes!
Please keep sharing your successes and experiences here in the forum!
May you be richly blessed and abundantly prospered!